June 13, 2021

UK Power-Prog outfit Azure have returned with their full length Sophomore LP ‘Of Brine And Angel’s Beaks’, featuring their most diverse, emotive, and technical performances to date.

Bursting back onto the scene in February with attention-grabbing standalone single ‘Mistress’, Azure successfully established the beginning of a new era for their unrivalled blend of classic Prog-Rock, Synth-Pop, and Power Metal.

Following ‘Mistress’, the band began a rapid-fire of singles from the new record, ranging from 9- minute fantasy epic ‘Ameotoko I – The Curse’, to the 3-minute Synth-Pop influenced ‘The Jellyfish’, reaffirming Azure’s trademark eclecticism.

‘This year’s output is definitely some of the most guitar-heavy – and fantasy-centric – music that that we’ve released to date.’ – Azure’s singer, Chris Sampson

Featuring Mixing and Mastering from Gareth Mason and Jonas Johansson respectively, ‘Of Brine And Angel’s Beaks’ is the first Azure album to utilize live drums and bass throughout, while still maintaining the band’s shimmering synth-driven aesthetic.

‘Of Brine And Angel’s Beaks’ is the most cohesive submersion into Azure’s blend of personal and high fantasy narratives yet, while still pushing the boundaries of the band’s virtuosic instrumental capabilities.

Track list 
1. A Night Of Superlunary Gazing
2. Self-Crucifixion
3. Ameotoko I – The Curse
4. The Jester Who Cheated Death
5. Lustre: Siphon Of Umbra
6. Outrun God
7. Mercy
8. Of Brine And Angel’s Beaks
9. A Sailor Will Learn
10. Cup Of Poison
11. The Jellyfish
12 Ameotoko II – Cloudburst 

Azure is:
Shaz Dudhia (Keyboard)
Alex Miles (Bass)
Christopher Sampson (Vocals & Guitar)
Galen Stapley (Guitar)
Sol Sinclair (Drums)



‘It’s a more layered, busy, and complex release from Azure, one that sees them dive into the bowels of what makes their sound work and dig into its guts, moving around the pieces and seeing what comes out. And what does come out is one of the more fascinating albums I’ve heard this year and yet another brilliant release from this underrated band.’ – Eden Kupermintz (Heavy Blog Is Heavy)