July 23, 2023

Now, it’s a well-known fact that a significant part of metal fans are also gamers (including board games nerds) and here’s a band that boldly embraces this fact. Actually, Owlbear is the name of one of the monsters in the Dungeons & Dragons game and you know, with just a glance at the cover artwork, this will be a fun ride. The band lineup includes Jeff Taft on guitars (Adamantis), Leona Hayward on bass (Project: Roenwolfe and Skelator) along with Klaymore’s Katy Scary on vocals, so obviously, these guys know their “game” and play it well.

Owlbear’s debut album Chaos To The Realm will be released independently by the band on August 4th and the ten songs within are pure classic heavy metal of the US school. Bastard Sons, the epic Tyrant’s Fall or the speedy Steel At My Side are reminding me of the powerful, demanding force of Jag Panzer, while the harmony guitars in the title track are just total Maiden worship. The sound and production are fantastic, which is amazing, when you know the album is self-produced. The album gains momentum and the second half is even better that the first, the solos are razor-sharp and the vocals are very fitting to the style Owlbear’s playing.

What I like most about this album is that the songs never sound cheesy or light-hearted. This is not some Euro-power sympho nonsense – this is muscle-metal with balls and punch. The closing Fall On The Blade is probably the heaviest and fastest track here – an absolute headbang-inducing hammer. Owbear is a band that deserves your attention if classic metal is your cup of tea and, did I mention the best part – you can order the album straight from the band on either CD or vinyl, with a commemorative six-sided dice as bonus. Rad!


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Chaos To The Realm will be out on August 4th and can be pre-ordered from HERE

If you order from Europe, you can do it from HERE