August 6, 2020


Music afficianados of the 70s and 80s are well aware of the musical contributions of The Babys and its members. John Waite’s unique rock tenor graced solo hits such as Missing You, and keyboardist Jonathan Cain became a part of Journey’s signature sound. But before those projects, The Babys made their mark. Founded in London..


Comparable to the slightly pastoral prog of Charisma labelmates Genesis circa the Trespass album, with strong hints also of early Traffic... Brian Davison. Plenty of people might be aware of him, at a guess, as he was, and remains, best known as the drummer with The Nice, the band which propelled Keith Emerson into the..

Jailbirds – The Great Escape (Golden Robot Records)

Better late than never in reviewing this fine rock and roll album by the groove heavy Irish/Australian rockers, Jailbirds. Both Irish and Australian rock bands seem to be at their best when they produce raw, high energy rock and if cigarettes and alcohol are involved then even better; maybe not the best choice for a..

PETER GREEN – The End Of The Game (Esoteric)

This is an album which is gloriously and simultaneously barking mad, touched by genius and utterly, completely devoid of caring what people thought of it! Regular readers of the weird and wonderful things often reviewed on these online pages may have observed your humble scribe commenting about the astonishing breadth of music appearing on record..

URIAH HEEP – 50th Anniversary UK Tour

British rock icons Uriah Heep are thrilled to announce an extensive UK tour in November 2020 to celebrate their 50th Anniversary. Uriah Heep’s longevity is a testament to the band’s excellent music, prolific song-writing and tireless efforts. The mighty Heep are cut from the same cloth of legends; their career spans over 50 years and..

SEVEN SPIRES – Emerald Seas (Frontiers)

This is the first album by this hard hitting American rock band Seven Spires on the Frontiers label, but their actual second release following on from Solveig which was released in 2017 after a highly successful crowdfunding campaign. The band comprises vocalist and keyboard player Adrienne Cowan, Jack Kosto on guitar, Peter de Reyna on..