Northern Crown – In A Pallid Shadow

The first three tracks are faultless metal classics. They represent an amazing leap forward by the band. This band tags itself as ‘Epic Doom Metal’ but if you are not keen on doom metal then PLEASE do keep reading! This Florida-based band’s 2018 eponymously titled second album introduced keyboards, softening their Candlemass-influenced roots, and that..

THE UNITY – PRIDE (Steamhammer /SPV)

The German heavy metal band that is The Unity has rapidly made a quite a name for themselves with their inspirational hard and melodic metal. Pride is now their third album, and shows that the band is not content to rest on its laurels as they continually strive to push the heavy melodic rock boundaries..

Photo credit: Erick Anderson

Nick D’Virgilio: Right Place, Right Time

A richly varied and ultimately beautiful listening experience... Remember that progressive rock band with the strange storybook epics, grand keyboard solos, and charismatic front man who left the group following their concept double album about a young man on a bizarre journey in New York City? You may recall that the drummer also had a..

BRAM STOKER – No Reflection

An album which really should have no right to sound this good after half a lifetime away Comebacks. They are sometimes expected and sometimes surprising. For every unsurprising Status Quo retirement U-turn, there is a, well, entirely surprising Status Quo 'Frantic Four' reunion, to stay on the same theme! However, there can surely not have..

GRAND SLAM – Winter tour plus new video released

Back in the post Thin Lizzy days, Laurence Archer wrote and performed with Phil Lynott as Grand Slam. Sadly, Grand Slam was cut short in its prime, with Phil Lynott’s untimely death leaving a hole in the fabric of rock music to this day.Laurence went on to make his name playing with UFO but always..

ALTARIA – DIVINITY Remastered (Reaper Entertainment Europe)

Altaria is a heavy melodic rock band from Jakobstad in Finland, formed in 2000 by ex-Blindside members Marko Pukkila (bass) and Tony Smedjebacka (drums). They were soon joined by vocalist Johan Mattjus and guitarists Jani Liimatainen (ex-Sonata Arctica) and Emppu Vuorinen (Nightwish) to make a very strong team for the debut release, Invitation, in 2003...

Bad Touch – Kiss The Sky (Marshall Records)

New Wave of Classic Rock favourites Bad Touch release their new studio album Kiss The Sky on Friday 19th June 2020. Their fourth album, I would say it's their most complete collection of material to date with the band having gone for a stripped-back no-nonsense production built around what they do best, which is writing..