March 1, 2024

Palace Of The King is a rather classy and traditional hard rock band that infuses its music with just the right amount of boogie and old school rock and roll to make for a thoroughly infectious, good time romp that so many Australian bands seem to revel in. They have been on a mission to bring their high-octane music to the Western Hemisphere for the last couple of years and we now know all about one of Oz’s best kept secrets and they most definitely stand alongside the mighty Rose Tattoo and The Angels and even the now defunct Saints.

The band was formed in 2012 and they love to gig hence this being only their fourth album to date but the album shows an outfit in peak form delivering a special kind of superior blues/boogie that ranges from the Stones through to AC/DC and all points in-between.

The music is all-action, 100% rock and roll that excites with its energy and ferocity being chocked full of huge riffs with a delicious and grizzled vocalist in Tim Henwood who delivers in the best traditions of Angry Anderson and Jimmy Barnes and he also plays guitar alongside the riffmaster Leigh Maden. This is guitar heavy boogie with Sean Johnston on keyboards and guitar and Anthony Licciardi on bass with drummer Cameron McGlinchey being the only change in the line-up that produced Get Right With Your Maker in 2018 taking over from Travis Dragani. The music is hook-laden and upbeat ensuring the songs stay in your head for days as the band struts with the confidence and arrogance that musical mastery brings making Friends In Low Places an electric and thoroughly engaging album that is simply impossible to ignore.

Friends In Low Places

  1. Children Of The Evolution (2:08)
  2. A Run For Your Money (3:55)
  3. Friends In Low Places (2:29)
  4. Get Right With Your Maker (4:35)
  5. Down On Your Luck (4:39)
  6. Tell It Like It Is (3:27)
  7. I’m Sorry Blues (3:53)
  8. Tear It Down (3:54)
  9. One Of These Days (4:22)
  10. Dead End Blues (3:39)