June 21, 2021

Paradox Community is a metal band from Hamburg in Germany that appears to go back many years with the current line-up being together now since 2007 with the musicians all being established names on the German rock scene as well as working in other bands too. Paradox Community is a powerful three-piece very much in Triumph and Anvil territory with a touch of Pantera and Anthrax but all with that usual Germanic traditional metal sound that they are all so good at and they are also very loud and very heavy.

I still find it incredible that so many three-piece rock bands can blow the more traditional four and five piece bands away when it comes to straight forward, in your face metal, they all seem to have a melodic element to them but it is always cunningly concealed behind the brick that they hit you over the head with! The band is very riff heavy with a bass line that is just so insistent over which the vocals are delivered with anger and a great deal of edge. The band delight is playing with a strut and a beat that is unrelenting and you soon find that you cannot resist them. This is a wonderful slab of genre crossing hard and heavy rock played with real verve and commitment by three very talented musicians. Thomas Plum must burn his way through a drum kit with every gig the band plays with Henk Humberg being a truly talented bassist with some runs that even Phil Lynott would have been proud of and then we come to the churning guitar of MirkoMucha which is full of frenetic energy and short sharp solos that punch you in the chest and his English delivered vocals are perfect and just so in tune with the metal mayhem that the band produces.

This is actually the band’s first album and it has been a long time coming and those who are lucky enough to have seen them in the live environment will delight in finally having something that they can now play at home. This is hard rock at its most primal and demands to be played at maximum volume, give the band a listen if you are in need of a major headbanging fix.

Omega track list

  1. White Chapel (5:47)
  2. Symbol Of Freedom (5:38)
  3. Are We Living In A Dream (6:18)
  4. Northern Star (5:22)
  5. Desire 2 (4:21)
  6. Burning (4:42)
  7. Silent Sadness (8:06)
  8. Until We Never Die (6:22)
  9. No Respect (6:01)
  10. Paradox-Community (5:36)