July 9, 2024

Paralydium, the progressive metal powerhouse hailing from Sweden, share their new single and official video Forging The Past, taken from their upcoming studio album Universe Calls, out on August 23rd via Frontiers Music Srl.

Guitarist John Berg said about the new single: ‘Forging The Past is a powerful track that immerses you into a sonic maze of diverse palettes. It showcases the progressive side of the album and highlights brilliant musicianship. The intricate layers and dynamic shifts keep you engaged, blending genres and styles to challenge conventional boundaries. Its compelling rhythms and evocative melodies invite you to explore its creative depths, leaving a lasting impression.’

Universe Calls – Paralydium’s upcoming second release on Frontiers Music – promises a diverse palette of hard-hitting riffs, atmospheric textures, seamless transitions, and the complexity of distinct songs interwoven, therefore offering an extraordinarily immersive listening experience for listeners.

‘In this album, we’ve delved deeply into our progressive roots’ – the band explained. ‘Long-time fans will recognize the expansive, open-world qualities reminiscent of our EP, now featuring longer tracks and broader arrangements. The album is a blend of Worlds Beyond with a more epic approach, while also fully exploring our progressive side with complex time signatures and immersive sections.

Describing the themes of the album, Paralydium stated: ‘Lyrically, the album focuses on characters navigating their destinies through conquests, restoration, and exploration. They face the challenges of time, striving to shape a hopeful future. Themes of time, destiny, and the pursuit of truth and hope highlight the resilience and determination of these characters.’