September 20, 2023

Home to some of the most influential bands in the world of Extreme Metal, Peaceville Records have long since been a fertile ground for artists. From their early beginnings to carving an extensive discography, with many artists reaching anniversaries that are more than worth celebrating, not merely for their age but for their contribution to the world of the Extreme genres. In celebration of these momentous milestones Peaceville has pressed extremely limited marble vinyl versions of some of the band’s most hallowed releases. 

The releases kick off with the 25 year anniversary of Anathema’s ‘Alternative 4’ and Katatonia’s ‘Discouraged Ones’. Two exceptional releases that changed the course of Gothic Blackened Doom for years to come, influencing countless other artists in the process. 

Among the 30th anniversaries come Katatonia’s debut of supreme gothic blackened doom metal ‘Dance of December Souls’, Darkthrone’s 1993 masterpiece Under A Funeral Moon’ and Anathema’s fragile yet aggressive debut ‘Serenades’. As well the Gothenburg Black Metal tinged At The Gates’ classic that was ‘With Fear I Kiss The Burning Darkness’ and My Dying Bride’sblueprint for the Gothic Doom genre ‘Turn Loose The Swans’. 

The reissues are capped off with the 1988 Candlemass classic ‘Ancient Dreams’, which marks its 35th anniversary and is the album that followed the now legendary ‘Nightfall’ to rightfully sit atop the pantheon of some of the band’s all time finest work. 

Accompanying the announcement comes a trailer, created by Matthew Vickerstaff – ) which showcases each release in all their glory. 

Full list of titles are below:

25 Years –

Anathema – ‘Alternative 4’ (Limited Marble-effect vinyl and original artwork) – October 20th

Katatonia – ‘Discouraged Ones’ (Limited Orange marble vinyl and original artwork) November 10th

30 Years – 

Katatonia – ‘Dance of December Souls’ (limited Pink Marble-Effect vinyl and original artwork) out October 13th

Darkthrone – ‘Under A Funeral Moon’ (limited marble effect and original artwork) out October 20th

Anathema – ‘Serenades’ (Limited Cream Marble-Effect vinyl and original artwork) out November 17th

At The Gates – ‘With Fear I Kiss The Burning Darkness’ (Limited Blue Marble vinyl and original artwork) out December 1st

My Dying Bride – ‘Turn Loose The Swans’ (Limited Marble-Effect vinyl with original ‘Swan’ sleeve) out December 15th

35 Years – 

Candlemass – ‘Ancient Dreams’ (Limited Green Marble-Effect vinyl and original artwork) – Out December 8th

All copies are available for pre-order now at the following link: