August 28, 2021

A name new to me but Pearl Harbour is the alter ego of singer Pearl E Gates, former wife of The Clash bassist Paul Simonon, singer with Leila And The Snakes and also Pearl Harbour And The Explosions with whom she had a minor US hit with the song Drivin’ way back in the very early ’80s.

Pearl re-located back to San Francisco in 1988 and set about forming a new punk based band which she created with a character called Buck Naked from the band Buck Naked And The Bare Bottom Boys which are surely the greatest names ever used in rock and roll! It appears that Buck Naked was shot dead in 1992 which put the band on hiatus for a while but they bounced back to record Here Comes Trouble in 1995 and you can tell just what a blast they must have had together as the band was made up of Pearl on vocals with an assortment of wonderfully named musicians in EastBay Ray (guitar), Stinky Le Pew (rhythm guitar), Lee Vilensky on bass and Mike Hunter on drums.

The album is joyful rock and roll and sounds very much like The Stray Cats with Imelda May on vocals so a touch rockabilly with a slight punk attitude and is one of those party-time rock albums that is so full of life and guaranteed to get you up on your feet. The album is now getting a welcome re-release and introducing us all gain to the crazy, up-beat world of Pearl Harbour, what’s not to like?

Here Comes Trouble track list

  1. Trouble (2:49)
  2. Hot Rod (3:00)
  3. I Wish I Were You (3:43)
  4. King Tut’s Tomb (3:15)
  5. Dream Car (2:40)
  6. Once a Night (4:42)
  7. You’ve Got My Number (2:21),
  8. Have Love Will Travel (2:34)
  9. Idolize Me (2:49)
  10. Get Tough on You (3:03)
  11. House of Love (3:08)
  12. I Miss You (3:44)
  13. Crash Your Party (2:56)