March 30, 2024

Classic heavy metal from Denmark surely sounds like a promising deal and Pectora take us by the throat straight from the opening title track of their second full length. A gripping rhythm, great vocals and some fantastic melodic harmony guitars at the end. So far so good! At the start of this review we have to mention that there are two key line-up changes since 2019’s Untaken debut. Philip Butler has taken over the microphone and last year Gustav Solberg joined on drums. The rest of the five-piece band remains intact, while there is a change of the logo, which looks better now.

Twilight Knights left me with mixed feelings (to say the least), because of the totally different vibe of some of the songs. For example, Cold Void and Cosmic Menace sound more modern, with chugging riffs and less melody, drifting away from the old school direction of the title track and Victory In Defeat. Children Of The Atom is a disappointing song, with nothing special to keep me interested, whereas Where Everything Begins offers more mid-tempo unspectacular riffs and those irritating chugging guitars again. Up to this point, the album starts to sound like some freak Accept and Pantera mashup, with melodic vocals on top. A Race Through The Dark is even worse, with the singing almost off at times, getting on the nerves and totally missing the point of a decent song – to make you play it again. So, after every following track sounding worse than the previous, we have a 9-minute closer. Could it save the day? On Forlorn Wings is much better in every department. The song sounds inspired, with some great vocals on top of good mid-tempo melodies and a tight rhythm (but without the chugging). The song goes on with some nice guitar melodies, with the darkest mood in the whole album, and a good solo to end it on a high note after some really mediocre moments.

I have the impression that there was some kind of an identity crisis in Pectora. When they stick to a classic metal formula and pay attention to the catchy melodies, the songs sound very good (the title track, Victory In Defeat and On Forlorn Wings). However, when they try to incorporate some modern, groove metal elements, combined with out-of-place vocals, things fall apart. It’s a pity, with only three (out of eight) songs doing the right thing for me but I think these guys have the abilities and the fire within to make something much, much better the next time.


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Twilight Knights will be out on April 5th and can be ordered from HERE