December 12, 2020

Peculiar Three is a three piece hard rock studio based project from Livadia in Greece that was formed in 2013 with Leap Of Faith being the outfit’s debut album. The band’s only other recorded output appears to have been the very cleverly titled P3culiar EP that was put out in 2014 so the debut has been a very long time coming. The band lines up as Valantis Dafkos on lead vocals and bass with Panos Karkanas on guitar and keyboards and Paris Gatsios on drums and a most talented and diverse team of musicians they truly are.

This is a hard rock album that often crosses into progressive rock territory and is most unlike any other rock bands that I have come across before. There are shades of early Rush, Motorhead, Budgie about their sound but this really doesn’t do the band justice as, in truth, they sound like Peculiar Three and no one else.

There is a continual bass heavy riff throughout the songs which are all well written and full of melody with pleasing hooks and Panos Karkanas provides some truly outstanding riffs and solos. Paris Gatsios is one of those drummers who are not showy as he concentrates on getting the job done and allows the others to supply all the thrills but his punchy playing is integral to the band’s sound. Valantis Dafkos sings in clear and faultless English and is a perfect accompaniment to the music in the same way that Giancarlo Erra is with the brilliant Nosound, they are both there to conduct and direct the band without trying to over shadow everyone else.

What I really like about the band is that they show plenty of Greek musical influences too and some of the guitar pieces do sound very much like a bouzouki so you get a delicious mixture of textures to the music. The bonus track that is Caliban’s End is more of a symphonic work with a real orchestral sound to it with sublime vocal harmonies and is unlike much anything that has gone before, this is a band of many talents and an ability to change styles seamlessly and that takes major talent. I’m not sure if the plan is for Peculiar Three to remain an infrequent studio project or to become a true, touring act but I suppose much of that will depend on how well this debut goes.

As it stands, Peculiar Three is a talented band with some excellent musicians and an ability to write and deliver clever and absorbing rock music that is just a little different to the norm but they can most definitely rock and the early Rush influence comes through the more times you play the album. This is a band well worth checking out, for sure, they will not change your life but you’ll have a lot of fun discovering a new band with a subtle and, if you forgive the play on words, a peculiar but most appealing delivery. You can check them out on Bandcamp as this has the album plus the 32 minute EP available for sale as well.

Leap Of Faith track list

  1. Perpetual (5:41)
  2. Innermost (5:40)
  3.  Inkblot (5:44)
  4. Marginal (5:36)
  5. Leap of Faith (5:14)
  6. The Sentient (4:55)
  7. Knaves o’ Knives (7:10)
  8. Caliban’s End (bonus track) (5:49)