December 1, 2020

Persuader is a power metal outfit that formed in 1997 in Sweden with Necromancy now being the band’s fifth album following on some six years since the last release The Fiction Maze. Only the singer remains as an original member with the band now comprising vocalist Jens Carlsson, Emil Norberg on lead guitar and bass with Fredrik Mannberg on rhythm guitar and Efraim Juntunen on drums.

Persuader is another power metal band that has retained a thrash edge and this gives them a frantic energy and hard hitting delivery with just a touch of the basic rawness of thrash metal. The band ploughs the same furrow as fellow power metal bands such as Blind Guardian, Iron Savior and Nocturnal Rites and the comparisons with Nocturnal Rites is now strengthened given that the bands bassist, Fredrik Mannberg, has now joined Persuader on guitar. The drums and base are extreme and thunderous and they set up a speed and energy level that never drops over which the band puts down layer upon layer of riffs and growling guitars with Jens Carlsson bellowing with a voice as hot as molten steel. Long time fans have had quite an age to wait for this new album and they will be relieved to hear that the band has remained true to the sound that it championed so well and if you are looking for a new power metal album that is as heavy and brutal as the genre gets then have a listen to Necromancy by a band that only knows how to play one way, hard and heavy.

Do not look for any power ballads here or mythological whimsy as this is as serious as power metal gets and plays as a soundtrack to the opening of the gates of hell and the end of the world as we know it. Crank the volume control to max and let wave after wave of crushing power metal sweep you away.

Necromancy track list

  1. The Curse Unbound (6:37)
  2. Scars (4:58)
  3. Raise The Dead (5:52)
  4. Reign Of Darkness (5:56)
  5. Hells Command (5:37)
  6. Gateways (6:30)
  7. The Infernal Fires (8:14)