January 14, 2021

Perticone is a new band put together by Martin Perticone, a very well established musician from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Not a name I have come across before but it seems that he has been involved with the music industry since the age of 13 when he joined the Fondo Blues as the lead singer and guitar player, I’m not sure what level they played at but to be the singer and guitarist at such a young age is remarkable whatever the standard played at. This led to a 25 year career playing the Argentinean circuit and then branching out into tour management.

Perticone has also toured extensively as a musician for hire but he has now decided that the time is right for his own debut solo album to be released. Perticone appears to have taken in plenty of influences for this album with the main being classic rock suffused with AOR and just a hint of world music reflecting his South American heritage. He appears to have called in a few favours too with several quality guests joining in on the project with Martin Perticone supplying vocals, rhythm guitar and 12 string guitar and long time colleague Edu Giardina shows his versatility on lead guitar, bass, drums, keyboards and backing vocals. Ale Malenky supplies slide guitar and lap steel guitar with Guillermo De Medio playing keyboards on Back To My Heart. Steve Overland supplies vocals on No One Else (But You) and Eric Martin takes vocals on both versions of All You Can Trust. Together, they have produced a melodic and easy listening classic rock album and you can tell that Perticone has absorbed influences from Mr Big but the biggest seems to be from the soft rock stylings of Chicago.

Underdog is an album full of well written and attractive songs that are played beautifully and if you are looking for a classy but laid back AOR then this is a perfect place to start, Martin Perticone has not re-invented the wheel with this release but he has certainly given it a damned good polish.

Underdog track list

  1. No One Else (But You) (5:14)
  2. Out Of Control (4:00)
  3. All You Can Trust (3:44)
  4. Man On The Moon (2:14)
  5. Giselle (4:43)
  6. Dusty Road (4:58)
  7. Back To My Heart (4:02)
  8. Underdog (4:24
  9. All You Can Trust (New Version) (3:53)