July 9, 2023

Boasting more hooks than a tackle box, Lights On launches with a crunchy spring in its step, with deep grooves airy guitars and Phil’s creamy vocals ever present throughout the tune. Jackson McRae steps in to bust out the driving beats on Lights On, along with Phil and co-producer Oscar Dawson, aka guitarist for Aussie indie rockers Holy Holy, delivering a dreamy and jangly delight that went through multiple variations before its final end result. 
The single also may or may not be inspired by bank heists and memories, as Phil elaborates, “it’s been a journey for Lights On, going through many iterations and arrangements and what not. It’s a fun song to move your shoulders and hips to. The track might be about a bank heist? At its core, it’s about always keeping your heart in place for the person that you love. But its also about memories that might have betrayed you in some ways, and maybe about stealing money and maybe about hiding it. Maybe its about a bank heist, Oceans 13, Oceans 8, and it could be about saying: no matter what, I’m gonna kind of hand in there, I’m gonna be there, so sentimental!’ 

Jamieson’s live performance talents have continued to diversify and develop as he has explored new stages and formats in his post-band career. He made the transition from live music venues to the boards of theatres around the country in 2017, cast as St. Jimmy in the Australian stage production of American Idiot. The Broadway musical had an impactful Australian season, and a performance that earned Jamieson wide acclaim: “Phil Jamieson carried the role, and absolutely nailed it… whenever he is onstage, it’s difficult to focus on anything else.” – Syn Media.
 As well as working on his musical career in recent years, Jamieson has been involved in several philanthropic and industry-specific initiatives. In 2013, he co-founded the Rock N Ride Tour for the national Youth and Mental Health Foundation, Headspace, bringing awareness to mental health issues faced by young people across a five-day motorcycle road trip. Additionally, Jamieson has donated profits from his solo touring to national initiative, Support Act, who continue to assist those in need in the music industry. Since 2015, Jamieson has also been an industry judge for the Australian Music Prize, arguably the most prestigious award in Australian music.
From fronting a generation-defining rock band the multi-platinum-selling Grinspoon, to enjoying success in the musical theatre world, Jamieson remains a multi-faceted creative, 27years on from his debut. And now with his sights firmly focused on a start-delayed solo career, Trouble introduces, finally and fully formed, Phil Jamieson: solo artist.


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