May 7, 2022

The latest release from the darkly delicious mind of Raymond Watts aka PIG is Baptise Bless & Bleed, a brand new EP awash with religious lyrical fervour and riffs that could effortlessly crush a tank. The title track is a relentless juggernaut before Speak Of Sin takes to the dancefloor. It sounds like an instant PIG masterpiece.

Things take a turn for the sublime as Tarantula sinks its pernicious fangs deep into the psyche, clasping the listener tight in its electronic web, while closing out the release is the slower but no less ecclesiastic Shooting Up Mercy, an epic paean to the cosmic joke that is human existence.

Accompanying these four new slices of PIGgish playfulness on its 12″ vinyl format are three bonus extended versions added to the digital release to fully sate your fix.

The beginning of the end or the end of the beginning? Baptise Bless & Bleed completes PIG‘s tarot quadrilogy, a tragedy in four parts that also includes the earlier volumes Sex & Death, Pain is God and Drugged Dangerous & Damned.

Providing blessings, but hopefully not the bleeding, on this particular release are regular PIG collaborators Steve White, En Esch and Michelle Martinez.

As with the other releases in the set, Watts has determined that presentation is paramount, and the spellbinding physical edition of Baptise Bless & Bleed comes on opulent 12″ white vinyl in a die cut custom sleeve that houses a printed inner sleeve and three brand new tarot cards.

Baptise, Bless & Bleed

  1. Baptise Bless & Bleed
  2. Speak Of Sin
  3. Tarantula
  4. Shooting Up Mercy
  5. Baptise Bless & Bleed (Extended)
  6. Speak Of Sin (Extended)
  7. Tarantula (Extended)

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