April 18, 2022

Poison Rose is another new project put together by the Frontiers label for the Italian vocalist Marco Sivio, a name of which you are probably unaware but he has been building a solid reputation at the label as an in-house singer and songwriter. He has been involved on writing duties for some of the labels recent releases including Gioeli-Castronovo, Lovekillers and Sweet Oblivion and backing vocals on Lifeblood by Secret Sphere and the Hell In The Club albums. He has been a jobbing vocalist for many years with his last full time band being a progressive metal band called Time Machine way back in 2004. It was actually Alessandro Del Vecchio that introduced Marco Sivio to Frontiers which is some recommendation as Del Vecchio has worked with many of the great and the good in the rock business!

Little Bang Theory is an excellent melodic rock album with all of the usual dynamic vocal harmonies, hooks and thrilling guitar breaks that you would expect in your AOR. Sivio has a strong and pleasing voice with a touch of Steve Perry about him and his accent free delivery goes a long way towards making his sound very much like a classic American melodic albums from the 1980s and sits comfortably alongside the legendary AOR giants of that period.

An accomplished band has been put together for him and all are musicians he has regularly worked with including Andrea Seveso (Robin McAuley and Jorn) on guitar, Aldo Lonobile (Secret Sphere and Edge Of Forever) on guitar, Alessandro Del Vecchio on bass, keyboards and backing vocals and Edo Sala (Sunstorm and Lovekillers) on drums. These guys know each other inside out and this really shines through on the recordings as they are very tight and totally together with each musician bringing their ‘A’ game to the recording sessions.

This may be a project but such is the quality of the material and performances on the album that this could quite easily turn into a full time, legitimate band which is a fine testimony to the vocal talents of Marco Sivio and the musical prowess of his colleagues.

Little Bang Theory

  1. Inner Wolf (3:21)
  2. Your Eyes Again (3:50)
  3. Devil (Knock On My Door) (3:52)
  4. Hearts Beat Loud (3:52)
  5. Set Us Free (3:41)
  6. Survive To You (3:36)
  7. Eternally, Wild And Free (4:51)
  8. River Of Dreams (3:58)
  9. Older Now (4:25)
  10. All Along The Way (3:39)
  11. Better Life (3:47)