April 14, 2021

Polish death metallers from Catharsis have just revealed a cover artwork for their upcoming studio album entitled Human Failures, due to be released early 2021. The album has been recorded in Heinrich House Studio with Filip „Heinrich” Hałucha as sound engineer and a producer. Session drums for this release have been recorded by Dariusz „Daray” Brzozowski (Dimmu Borgir, ex-Vader).

Human Failures contains seven new tracks. One of the songs entitled Made Of Blood includes a vocal guest appearance of Ross Dolan (Immolation).

The cover artwork is an oil painting done by Polish artist Michał Powałka. It represents the atmosphere of the album, darker and heavier than everything Catharsis has recorded so far.

Human Failures track list

  1. Through The Eyes Of A Child
  2. Slaves To Money And Greed
  3. Your Truth
  4. Made Of Blood
  5. Village Of Witches
  6. House Of Sand And Fog
  7. My Last Words

The label and the exact date of the premiere are yet to be announced.


Catharsis was founded in 1992, in Tychy (Poland) by Adam Mamok (bass guitar, vocals) and Daniel Petryczkiewicz (guitar), joined by Konrad Czerski (drums) and Dariusz Skonieczny (guitar). Early 1993 the band releases the first demo tape Your Truth, stating the future musical direction strongly inspired by technical death metal bands like Cynic, Atheist and Death. The following year, after some line up changes Catharsis continues to work on the new material with Artur Pudło on drums and Tomasz Świerz on guitar. The second demo tape entitled Bitter Disdain gets released in 1995 via Baron Records, proving the band’s identity combining technical death with atmospheric, emotional approach. To promote the newly released material Catharsis hits the road, sharing the stage with Polish bands like KAT or Christ Agony. However, due to several line up changes, the band takes a break in 1996.

Over ten years later Adam Mamok decides to revive the band, together with the guitarist Tomasz Świerz. They start working on the new material while looking for other musicians to complete the line up. In 2011 a female guitar player Katarzyna KateBujas joins Catharsis, bringing some new energy and music ideas to the band. Catharsis continues to look for a drummer as a permanent bandmember, but after several auditions they decide to record the album with a session drummer. They choose to work with Łukasz LucassKrzesiewicz (Gnida, ex-Mork, ex–Sammath Naur),whose style matches the band’s technical intensity and creative approach. Late 2013 Catharsis enters Invent Sound Studio in Bydgoszcz (Poland) to record the first LP entitled Rhyming Life And Death. The album contains technical riffing, progressive bass and drums arrangements and many melodic parts, emphasizing the dynamic and energetic side of Catharsis‘ style. The album artwork is done by Xaay, the artist known for his previous co-operations with bands like Nile, Vader or Behemoth. Rhyming Life And Death is released in April 2014 via Mad Lion Records and receives good reviews in Poland and abroad. The band also releases a music video for the song Those Who Have Never Risen and does several press appearances.

Guitarist Tomasz Świerz leaves the band in 2016 and by the end of the year he gets replaced by Kajetan Pawliszyn. Catharsis begins composing material for the next album entitled Human Failures and gives occasional live performance with a session live drummer Daniel Rutkowski (Hate). Once the preproduction of the new LP comes to an end, the band decides to record it with Eugene Ryabchenko (Fleshgod Apocalypse, ex live – Belphegor, ex live – Vital Remains), who composes all the drum parts, but due to unexpected touring plans is not able to join Catharsis in the studio. Eventually Catharsis enters Heinrich House Studio in Legionowo (Poland) to record Human Failures with Dariusz DarayBrzozowski (live – Dimmu Borgir, ex – Vader) as a session drummer, who gives a truly outstanding drum performance and takes the compositions to another level. The album is being produced, engineered, mixed & mastered by Filip HeinrichHałucha during a few studio sessions of a total length of three weeks. One of the seven new tracks, entitled during a few studio sessions of a total length of three weeks. One of the seven new tracks, entitled Made Of Blood includes a mind blowing guest vocal appearance by the death metal icon Ross Dolan (Immolation). The new album proves the band’s technical inspirations, but also presents the exploration of the new territory, leading Catharsis towards more brutal and heavier death metal sound with a touch of black metal. Human Failures is a visible step forward in the band’s musical journey and undoubtedly the darkest chapter of it.

Kate Bujas – rhythm & lead guitar
Adam Mamok – vocals, bass guitar
Kajetan Pawliszyn – rhythm & lead guitar

Session drums recorded by Daray

Those Who Have Never Risen video from previous album Rhyming Life And Death released on Mad Lion Records in 2014