June 20, 2022

The intriguingly titled Principe Valiente is a dark pop band from Stockholm in Sweden and was formed in 2007 with Barricades being the bands third album to date. Just a cursory listen shows a minimalist, post-punk and early electro inspired band with an introspective and almost diffident delivery which gives them an air of mystery and sophisticated indifference.

They line-up with Fernando Honorato supplying vocals, bass, keyboards and piano with Jimmy Ottosson on guitars and pads/programming, Rebecka Johansson on keyboards and Joakim Janthe on drums. This is the first time I have heard the band but I like what I hear and will most definitely check out the earlier releases too as they play with a grand and cinematic scope but with a typically dark and doom infused Gothic beat that reminds so much of the wonderful Bauhaus with Fernando Honorato definitely having a sound of the supremely dark and majestic Peter Murphy and you cannot get much cooler than that. They also seem to have some influences from early Cure, Sisters Of Mercy and Lake Of Tears too which the band has blended and formed into its own unique and stirring delivery.

The music is introspective, atmospheric and dark but also melodic and lush with an immediacy which draws you in and doesn’t let you go. After several plays you realise that the music may appear minimalist but there is so much depth and emotion in what they play and the warm and expressive vocals of Honorato help to make this a truly mesmerising and vital album.

Shoe gazing has never been so cool.


  1. Barricades (5:00)
  2. So Much More (4:24)
  3. Porcelain (4:38)
  4. I Am You (4:08)
  5. Tears In Different Colors (4:36)
  6. When We Can’t Let Go (5:39)
  7. Never Change (4:10)
  8. The Beating Of Your Heart (3:47)
  9. The Impossibles (3:33)
  10. This Buried Love (5:17)