December 7, 2020

Following the release of their conceptual new album ‘A New Kind of Sideways’, prog-meets-classic rock trio Kepler Ten have exercised their  psychedelic side with a new music video for the song ‘Weaver’, taken from the new album. Taking influence from comic book imagery and 70’s psychedelia, the subtle insertion of classic 70’s prog synth sounds in this track compliments the wacky fun visuals and serves as a follow up in the narrative to ‘Falling Down’. The song is about “control and manipulation all told through the metaphor of a parasitic wasp preying upon a golden orb weaver spider”. The video also has a cameo with the band’s producer John Mitchell (who is also a part of White Star Records), so be sure to watch out! 

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British Prog Rock trio Kepler Ten released their second album ‘A New Kind of Sideways’ via White Star Records last week to great applause.  Paying homage to 80’s era rock with added prog in the form of 10 and 20 minute songs, Kepler Ten have impressed yet again with their ability to write songs that resonate with an audience of all ages and create a diverse album with rock radio bangers and atmospheric thought-provoking numbers.

Kepler Ten is: James Durand (Vocals, Bass, Keyboards); Steve Hales (Drums, Piano, Backing Vocals); Alistair Bell (Guitars, Backing Vocals)



“This could well be the best progressive rock album you hear in the whole of 2020”
 Distorted Sound – 9/10

“Sharp turns, scintillating guitar solos and gigantean vocals are awe-inspiring”

“A tremendous slab of polished progressive tinged songs”
– At The Barrier

“They’re a band who can shift up for high-flying romps, and back down for more emotional contemplation”
– Everything is Noise

“It is nice to know that there are still bands out there keeping this genre alive, and these guys have all the tools to carry out the job.”
– The Prog Space

“An excellent, varied selection of very well created, performed and produced tracks, that cuts right across the Progressive / Rock boundary to provide a thoroughly enjoyable listening experience.” 

Velvet Thunder


Steve Hales says this about the track and the video –

Following on from the Falling Down video we pick up the story as our desperate protagonist (James) regains consciousness in the wilderness, the strange machine that had enabled his escape from the nightclub, lying by his side. As he tries to make sense of where he is and what is happening some familiar figures appear through the trees…
Weaver’s lyrics tell a story of control and manipulation which is brought to life in this second part of Kepler Ten’s enigmatic video mini-series.”

“The song is about how we perceive our everyday lives and how we are often working away for the benefit of others, unaware of the control they have over our behaviour. It is told lyrically through the story of a parasitic wasp preying upon a spider, and the video was originally going to feature plenty of insects, however when the opportunity presented itself to continue the story that we’d begun in the Falling Down video (and to run around the woods like kids for an afternoon) we couldn’t pass it up.”

‘A New Kind of Sideways’ is a semi-conceptual album that is humanitarian and philanthropic in its theme. Boasting the message that “as human beings we are all the same and have a duty of care and responsibility towards each other regardless of age, race, gender or sexuality.” Kepler Ten expresses their frustration that we all bleed the same colour, yet  “we seem to spend most of our time finding ways to make life difficult for one another.”

By semi-conceptual, the band have said that although each track on the album stands alone as its own individual entity, the album is encompassed and held together in a cyclical manner by the first and last track.

“The second part of the three part closer – One and the Same – is an instrumental section that rewinds back through musical themes from the preceding songs, taking the message and feeling of universality back through the album to that moment of clarity right at the start.”

Fusing together celestial synths with progressive rock tinged riffs, Kepler Ten maintain the spirit of 80’s progressive rock and bring their take into the 21st century

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Boasting a broad and diverse range of influences from the likes of Muse, Rush and Dream Theater to Queensryche, Van Halen and Queen, Kepler Ten scored remarkable success with their debut offering. Performing shows with the likes of Lonely Robot, Von Hertzen Brothers and HRH Prog VI and receiving a nomination in the 2017 UK Prog Awards saw the band quickly generate interest among the prog-loving public – mirrored with the several inclusions in journalist’s top 10 albums of the same year. 


  • Universal
  • Clarity
  • Falling Down
  • Weaver
  • These Few Words
  • A New Kind of Sideways
  • Icarus Eyes
  • One and the Same