December 17, 2022
Photo: Christian Eschweile

There are just a few short days until the bells of Christmas ring, but successful German punk rockers SERUM 114 have already unveiled a special early gift! The band surprised fans with a new EP, Zuhause Unplugged, out now via Napalm Records.

Marking the band’s first acoustic release ever, ten unfiltered honest songs are painted in a new light and take fans through their previous top-charting discography. Uniting all these memories into one song, the emotional track Zeit Steh Still is the best start to jump right into their journey. The voice of the band, Esche, sings with such a raw and warm voice, only the touching official music video even gets close to it.

The German band SERUM 114 has surprised fans with their first acoustic release ever! Zuhause Unplugged marks a trip down memory lane – taking fans through their very successful and chart-storming career, the musicians carefully selected songs on stage to give them their own, personal spotlight. Especially because of charismatic singer and frontman Esche, known for his raspy and fast-paced vocals, the unexpected variety of soulful vocal performances give the songs of SERUM 114 an incredible warm and cozy light. The brand-new EP, Zuhause Unplugged, promises a select collection of the band’s top tracks, consisting of picks from the most popular albums in their entire band history – including Deine Stimme / Dein Gesicht (2012), Die Nacht mein Freund (2016), Kopfüber ins Nichts (2014), Serum 114 (2008) and Im Zeichen der Zeit (2020).

Zuhause Unplugged

  1. Las Vegas
  2. Mein Leben meine Wahl
  3. Zuhause ist schön
  4. Junge, dein Leben
  5. Ich lebe
  6. Wir müssen weiter gehen
  7. Was könnte aus mir werden
  8. Ich mag dich nicht
  9. Lass uns Feinde sein
  10. Zeit steh still

SERUM 114 – Im Zeichen der Zeit live 2023

7.03.2023          München / Technikum / Tonhalle
18.03.2023          Frankfurt / Batschkapp
22.03.2023          Saarbrücken / Garage
23.03.2023          Hambnurg / Fabrik
24.03.2023          Essen / Turock
25.03.2023          Leipzig/Engelsdorf / Hellraiser
26.03.2023          Nürnberg / Hirsch

SERUM 114 is:
Esche – Vocals, Guitar
Markus – Bass
Nils – Drums
Thorsten – Guitar

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