May 11, 2024

Rain Parade is a highly acclaimed neo-psychedelic group that gained popularity as a leading light in LA’s fabled ‘Paisley Underground’ scene of the early 1980s. Their signature sound combines hypnotic, melodic songwriting and ‘60s psych-inspired instrumentation (chiming guitars, eastern-inflected motifs, multi-part vocal harmonies) with ‘70s punk influences and a darker lyrical approach.

Their internationally recognised classic 1983 debut LP, Emergency Third Rail Power Trip, featuring the songwriting talents of founding members Matt Piucci, Steven Roback and David Roback, was swiftly followed by the Explosions in the Glass Palace EP (recorded after David’s departure) which Sid Griffin of the Long Ryders stated is and will forever be the BEST recording from a Paisley Underground band, be it us, The Dream Syndicate, The Bangles, The Three O’Clock or whomever.”

These seminal records went on to influence numerous guitar-based UK acts of the 1980s and 1990s, including Stone Roses, The Charlatans and much of the Creation stable, with Teenage Fanclub, My Bloody Valentine and Ride declaring themselves fans. Their reputation has continued to grow, while their songs have been covered by the likes of The Bluetones, Buffalo Tom, This Mortal Coil and The Bangles.

A long-awaited new Rain Parade album entitled Last Rays Of A Dying Sun was released in 2023. Their first studio record in 38 years, it sounds like both a lost classic and the groundbreaking work of an unknown new artist as they continue to evolve and surprise. Stellar UK reviews included: “There’s little rain on their new parade ****” MOJO, “Full of what made you love them in the first place ****” SHINDIG!, “Loyal to psychedelic tropes and muscular melodies. An unexpected afterglow” UNCUT and “The most influential and certainly most psychedelic of the paisley underground cohort stunningly reappear *****” RNR.

It was promoted on a US tour with like-minded psychedelicaticians The Third Mind, before the group returned to the studio to record Last Stop On The Underground, a brand new EP that is set for release on May 24, just ahead of a European tour that takes in five UK shows and eight on the mainland that culminate at the Azkena Festival in Vitoria, Spain.

Rain Parade will then return to their base near San Francisco to work on a full album that will flesh out the approach of the new EP. Their entire back catalogue is now accessible online, including an archive set entitled Fourth Rail. Also availableis a 2xLP/2xCD deluxe reissue of Emergency Third Rail Power Trip released for Record Store Day 2024 that again attracted superb press notices: “A jangly soundworld both warm blanket and imagination-feeding ****” MOJO, “Dreamy debut still impresses and proved to be smart, respectful and hugely influential 8/10” UNCUT, “This deluxe reissue is very welcome indeed ****” SHINDIG! and “Chiming guitars and haunting melodies stand up as timelessly hypnotic” CLASSIC ROCK.

Aside from Piucci and Roback, Rain Parade features long-time guitarist John Thoman, guitarist Derek See (The Gentle Cycle, Chocolate Watch Band, Dean & Britta), and drummer/percussionist Stephan Junca (Billy Talbot Band, Jon Anderson, The Hellenes, Boatclub).