March 20, 2024

Raizer is a three-piece modern post-punk, alt-rock band with a distinct industrial electro back beat and hail from somewhere in Eastern Europe but the country remains unspecified which may be an attempt to create an air of mystery and, if so, it certainly does give them something of a cool look.

They have released two full albums with this EP being their latest and features four interesting and intriguing tracks that cover a broad rock range with the explosive punkish and somewhat profane Hate commencing the proceedings in a frantic and frenetic fashion that certainly gets you involved from the start and is followed by the rather electro pop of Run which is such a contrast to what went before. This leads on to the exciting and more industrial yet anthemic Fight To Infinity before finishing with the track of the EP being The Last Day Of The Universe which is a monumental extravaganza and probably best described as a-ha on steroids!

The EP then features the instrumental versions of the four main tracks which do feel so different without the vocals and makes this an EP with a running time of 33-minutes so is great value for money and, more importantly, features some great rock music. Give it a listen and you may well be very surprised by what Raizer has to offer.


  1. Hate (3:40)
  2. Run (3:34)
  3. Fight To Infinity (3:22)
  4. The Last Day Of The Universe (5:40)
  5. Hate (Instrumental) (3:40)
  6. Run (Instrumental) (3:34)
  7. Fight To Infinity (Instrumental) (3:20)
  8. The Last Day Of The Universe (Instrumental) (5:22)