August 28, 2021

The Ramshackle Army is a Celtic punk rock outfit with a real sound and flavour of the Old Country yet the band is from Melbourne in Australia but the great Irish Diaspora went far and wide which now means that you can always get a warm welcome and a drop of the black stuff in just about every corner of the world.

This fun and most energetic 6-piece band features fiddles, banjos and mandolin alongside the usual rock instruments and this really emphasises the Celtic roots flavour of the EP and gives the band a sound of The Pogues combined with Dexy’s Midnight Runners. This is definitely toe tapping music played with a smile and a great joy for life as the band play their songs about the usual trials and tribulations of our small lives. The band tour frequently and always provide a good time and are most probably best enjoyed in a small, crowded little bar with a pint in hand.

This is a neat sing-along EP played with real talent and all brought to life by a great singer who sounds uncannily like Tom Robinson. The band has released several EPs since its inception in 2010 and all show a great and fun time band just waiting to be discovered.

High Flyer EP track list

  1. Highflyer (3:52)
  2. Bend Don’t Break (3:43)
  3. Rise And Fall (2:58)
  4. The Also Rans (2:46)
  5. Old Weapon (1:49)