May 3, 2022

Re-Machined released a real contender for hard rock album of the year with Wheels Of Time in 2020 which was just so supreme, confident and assured for a debut release. It is amazing just how many fine metal bands have come out of Germany these days and the number seems to be ever increasing. The latest sensation is Re-Machined, a band from Mainz in Germany, which formed in 2016 but I suspect that the musicians are all veterans of the German metal stage as you need a great deal of experience, skill and talent to produce the perfectly formed Wheels Of Time which announced the band’s arrival on the world hard rock scene. As the old adage goes ‘if it ain’t broke then don’t fix it’ and that is very much the approach that Re-Machined as taken with Braindead as this is another slab of red hot heavy rock and carries on exactly where the debut left off.

Built upon a solid base of Judas Priest and AC/DC, the band go for the jugular with high intensity and upbeat old school rock which never slackens pace for a moment and that is exactly how we want it. Indeed, I get the impression that these guys are so skilled that they could play whatever you want but what they really want to play is heavy metal and as loud as possible. Any band following them on any festival stage is going to have a hell of a job to win back the crowd as they are the real deal and purveyors of metal as it should be played i.e. nothing fancy, just a hint of groove and lots of guitar, bass and drums. I’ve been playing a lot of Nazareth recently and they also have a sound of the great band from Dunfermline.

Thankfully, Re-Machined has kept the same team of musicians with vocalist Thomas Ritter commanding and leading the band with his down and dirty voice that hints at Brian Johnson and Dan McCafferty with twin guitarists in Horst Pflaumer and Andreas Glanz simply taking no prisoners as they excel in the K. K. Downing/Glen Tipton role with their killer riffs and searing solos with Bruno Strasser and Volker Brecher again being the impressive powerhouse on bass and drums respectively which allows the two guitarists to wreak their own brand of heavy rock mayhem. If you have the first album then, no doubt, you will have already picked this up too but if the band is new to you and you are an aficionado of heavy metal then both albums are essential and will simply blow you away.

If you are looking for sophistication and high brow music then look elsewhere but if you need an immediate heavy metal fix with metal at 100mph (or 161km/h) and dials cranked to 11 then this is exactly what the doctor ordered. Magnificent hard rock from Germany and a brilliant follow-up to what was an incredible debut; Re-Machined is a band going places and fast!


  1. Raise Some Hell (5:03)
  2. Brain Dead (3:53)
  3. Demons (4:48)
  4. Black King (4:05)
  5. Standing On The Edge (4:27)
  6. Stand Up And Fight (4:11)
  7. Road To No Man’s Land (4:02)
  8. The Sleeper (4:04)
  9. Into The Dark (3:26)
  10. Because I Hate You (4:03)
  11. Fist In Your Face (5:35)