January 28, 2024

Reveal is a Spanish/Swedish hard rock/power metal band with Still Alive being their third album following on from 2017’s debut Timeline and follow up Overlord in 2019. It’s taken several years for the third record during which time they appear to have become a little heavier and probably more hard rock than power metal with the vocals being a touch grungier and even darker!

The band was put together by guitarist Tino Hevia who some may know from Darksun and Nörthwind with many of the band having been bandmates at some stage or other yet he looked further afield for a singer and this brought him to the Swede Rob Lundgren who, apparently, is another of those YouTube vocalists with a high profile but his is a name I have never heard of. They are joined by lead guitarist David Figueiras, bassist Jorge Ruiz, Helena Pinto on keyboards with Dani Cabal on drums and this is the same team that has recorded all three albums.

Still Alive is a decent rock album with some great guitar although the vocals do not sound as good or as clear on earlier albums and the production does seem a little muffled which is a pity as it is obvious that the band has more to give. They name check Firewind, Blind Guardian and Primal Fear as an indicator of their sound but, to be honest, I rate these bands so much higher than Reveal but if it’s an aspiration list then they still have plenty of work to do to achieve the same levels.

Check them out and see what you think but it might be best to start with the Overlord album first.

Still Alive

  1. You’re Still Alive (3:32)
  2. Page By Page (4:41)
  3. Dragon Reborn (4:41)
  4. The Crow (5:15|)
  5. World Full Of Wonders (4:26)
  6. Metal Messiahs (6:34)
  7. Sea Of Lies (6:04)
  8. Not Look Back (5:30)
  9. The Man Without Fear (5:40)