December 21, 2020

Revelino was an Irish indie rock band active between 1993 and 2001 and released several highly polished albums of eclectic rock with a sound born out of ’60s pop sensibilities coupled with the modern musings of early Verve and Bends-era Radiohead. They are another band that caught the ear of a certain John Peel and he knew a thing or two about music and could see the immediate potential in the band.

On its original release the album gained favourable reviews in Ireland and led to several hits in the Irish charts. Now sadly a footnote in history but the band’s first and self-titled album which first came out in 1994 and is now getting a timely re-release and remaster on vinyl with the neat addition of a six track bonus EP also on vinyl. The album is typical ’90s indie rock being very commercial and radio friendly with a sound rather typical of what you would have picked up on UK radio at the time. The music on the album is very well written and has enough hooks for another ten albums with the songs having that special ability of burrowing into your head so that you find yourself singing or humming them for days afterwards and all are the equal or even better than much of the music that made it into the British charts at that time. Credit must also be given for the excellent musicianship of Bren Tallon on vocals and guitar, Ciaran Tallon on guitar, Bren Berry on guitar, Alan Montgomery on bass and Shane Rafferty on drums. Bren talon is a revelation on vocals with a delivery reminiscent of the great Peter Perrett of the Only Ones and there are lots of guitars with the jangly style favoured by Johnny Marr and far more solos than you would ever have expected.

The bonus EP features the remixed single Happiness Is Mine plus a further five demos and outtakes which have all been cleaned up and remixed too. Together, you get a little over 60 minutes of brilliantly crafted, guitar driven indie rock that is both immediate and commercial in nature.

The whole Britpop thing of the time left me cold as I thought it had nothing to offer, other than Pulp who stood out due to the individuality of the band, but based on this album then I can state that Revelino should have been huge as they had far more to offer than many of the band’s who actually made it. Sometimes there is no justice in life but this new re-release is perhaps a chance to put something right.

Revelino track list

  1. Happiness Is Mine (3:10)
  2. My Bones (3:00)
  3. Hello (3:52)
  4. Don’t Lead me Down (4:10)
  5. Taking Turns (2:59)
  6. Libertine (2:46)
  7. World Going Down (3:21)
  8. That’s What Emily Says (3:20)
  9. No Forever Girl (2:54)
  10. I Feel So Tired (2:19)
  11.  She’s Got The Face (2:38)
  12. Slave (3:16)
  13. Tonight (4:20)

Happiness Is Mine track list

  1. Happiness Is Mine (3:10)
  2. Try It On (3:59)
  3. Ennio (2:41)
  4. The Only One Alive (3:49)
  5.  Place In The Sun (3:12)
  6. Little Bird (2:49)