February 2, 2020

Rhodium is a relatively new progressive metal band from Greece having formed in 2017 by guitarist Loukas Wolv and has quickly followed the 2018 album, Scream Into The Void, with this hard hitting release. The debut was a confident introduction to the exciting metal of Rhodium but it seems that band leader Wolv has now replaced all the musicians and he alone remains from the debut. He is joined by Mike Livas on vocals, George Theofilas on guitars, Vasilis Sotiriou on bass and Stelios Pavlou on drums and a most talented team they are too. I do not know the reason why the change in personnel but Sea Of The Dead is an even harder hitting, has better songs and as much searing guitar as you could ever wish for in a progressive metal album.

Previous vocalist, Bill Vass, had an exceptional voice and much of what he delivered was in the lower range and his replacement, Mike Livas, does suit this much heavier approach as he seems to have a wider range and is very comfortable with typical Robert Halford screams. Think of a glorious combination of Symphony X, Threshold and Judas Priest and you will have some idea of the power and the majesty that this band brings to bear on Sea Of The Dead. The guitar work of both Wolv and Theofilas is stunning and they weave magic with their riffing and soloing and this could be the beginning of a golden partnership between them. Mike Livas stands proud with his perfect metal delivery and his vocals are delivered with such precision and power and his is a name we are destined to hear more of. The song writing is of the highest order and whilst not a concept it does have a central theme of man and the dangerous world we live in and covers a range of very provocative subjects.

Rhodium might be a quite new band but it has made an explosive start to its career and Sea Of The Dead is such a brilliant album that it is difficult to see how they can ever improve on it but it does mean that the journey is going to be most interesting. Get a copy of this if you can, you will not be disappointed.