December 23, 2021

Rhys Fulber is a Canadian producer and musician specialising in electronic music and is a member of the influential bands Front Line Assembly and Delerium both alongside Bill Leeb as well as having his own solo career. Fulber specialises in eclectic soundscapes with Front Line Assembly being an industrial electro unit whilst Delerium is more ambient, and he also has a solo project called Conjure One which features ambient music along the lines of Enigma and Groove Armada. His solo material tends to be darker, and more techno based with heavy beats and pulsating rhythms.

I guess you have to imagine a huge sound system, some sort of bleak industrial warehouse and a massive flashing lighting rig to appreciate and savour these crashing and crushing beats and the relentless rhythmic onslaught as this is most definitely not music for relaxing to at the end of a hard day. Fulber has created a juggernaut of immense proportions with Brutal Nature perfectly summing up some post-industrial nightmare or nature at its most violent. This is music for action, for moving for swaying but not for sitting or relaxing; the whole work screams action and movement by utilising primal and brutal forces that are simply so creative and vital. There are slower, quieter and more ambient moments and these serve as great counterpoint to what is a pounding and hypnotic work that is not for everyone but if you are into electronic or ambient music then Rhys Fulber is a name that has to be on your playlist.

The album is effectively instrumental although the last track, Stare At The Sun, does feature a guest vocal from Sara Taylor of Youth Code and her visceral delivery is very much in line with the whole tone of the album. Those new to dark, industrial electro might initially find the album a little brutal but stay with it and it starts to deliver many little surprises that you had failed to pick up on previously.

Challenging for sure but shouldn’t music push back boundaries?

Brutal Nature

  1. Central State Institute 16 (6:28)
  2. Chemical (5:38)
  3. Marginalized (6:41)
  4. Fragility (6:33)
  5. Pyrrhic Act (9:08)
  6. Pressure (5:58)
  7. Night Render (7:15)
  8. Rogue Minority (6:11)
  9. Nature Reclaims (6:08)
  10. Stare At The Sun (5:44)