July 19, 2021

Rian is a Swedish melodic rock band with Twenty-Three being the bands second album following the release of Out Of The Darkness in 2017. It is very much Swedish AOR following the tried and tested American format so you have a great singer, fabulous songs full of great harmonies that are very listener friendly and some great electric guitar to give it plenty of power and lots of opportunities for those air guitarists out there.

The band comprises Richard Andermyr on vocals and guitar, Tobias Jakobsson on lead guitar, Jonas Melin on bass and Jan Johansson on drums with production duties in the very safe hands of fellow Swedish Daniel Flores of Find Me and The Murder Of My Sweet acclaim and he supplies some keyboard work too. The songs are all team affairs which means that they are well rounded and showcase the individual talents at work here but the real benefit is that they also show a band in harmony and totally committed to each other.

As usual, with AOR and melodic rock, the framework was established in the ’70s and perfected in the ’80s with Rian very much being exponents of ’80s melodic rock scene and incorporate lots of influences in the sound including Europe, Ten, Dokken, Winger and Mr. Mister. The sound is slick and honey soaked with Tobias Jakobsson providing the right amount of guitar mayhem to sweeten the mix by just the right amount.

Look, we all know that there is nothing new that can be done within melodic rock as bands like Journey perfected the sound and, in truth, we do not want anything new or radically different as melodic rock works perfectly well as it is and Rian have tapped into the spirit of AOR perfectly and there is much here to savour and enjoy in their take on a well established genre.

Twenty-Three track list

  1. Stop (5:02)
  2. In The Dark (4:20)
  3. Where Do We Run (4:29)
  4. Twenty-Three (4:36)
  5. For Your Heart (4:54)
  6. We Belong (5:10)
  7. My Ocean (6:08)
  8. Body And Soul (3:38)
  9. The Passenger (5:45)
  10. Stranger To Me (4:57)
  11. Your Beauty (4:44)