September 26, 2021

Wanted Man is the debut solo album by the Chilean vocalist James Robledo and it is a very powerful statement of intent from the man with the golden voice. You may already have heard him as he is the singer with Sinner’s Blood (also released on the Frontiers label) and the debut album The Mirror Star is an amazing hard rock record and highly recommended for further investigation. It seems that music has always been in his blood as he comes from a talented family of musicians and as a youngster was part of a group that won a Chilean TV show and also released a couple of albums with a band called Banda Argentina Thabu before performing on The Voice Chile 2 where he earned rave reviews and began to garner attention which led to him joining a band called Renegade with which he recorded a duet with Ronnie Romero which brought him to the attention of Frontiers and led to the Sinner’s Blood album.

Robledo is another of those remarkable singers with a voice and style very similar to Ronnie James Dio and if you sound a little like the late and much missed genius then a successful career in rock and roll is almost guaranteed. He has put together a very tight and compact unit for this album with the solid base being provided by the incredible drummer André Hilgers whom you should know from his work with Bonfire, Silent Force and the essential recent album Vagabond by Sonic Heaven. If Hilgers is powering your band then you know you have one of the best drummers around at your disposal and when this man hits a drum it stays hit for a very long time! Guitar is courtesy of the mercurial Francesco Marras of Screaming Shadows, Verde Lauro and, since last year, the Tygers Of Pan Tang. It seems that he has been given free reign and he riffs and solos throughout the album in thrilling fashion and you can only sit back and admire his skill and dexterity. With this album being on the Frontiers label then there are no surprises for guessing who provides keyboards and bass with Alessandro Del Vecchio again being in majestic form and he has also produced the album as well as writing the songs too.

As with Sinner’s Blood, this album is an exceptional melodic metal work of art taking Rainbow and Deep Purple as a starting base and then adding elements of Bonfire, Brainstorm, Edguy and Helloween to create a thrilling and very hard hitting heavy rock album. James Robledo has a superb voice with great power and range and is very much destined to follow the success seen by Ronnie Romero with Wanted Man showcasing his vocal prowess perfectly but this is not all about Robledo as the other musicians involved show that, as a unit, they are exemplary and this is one of those albums that is privilege just to hear.

Make sure you remember the name of James Robledo as he is a singer with a huge future ahead of him.

Wanted Man track list

  1. Heart’s The Only Enemy (3:51)
  2. Wanted Man (4:26)
  3. Quicksand (4:32)
  4. Dreams Deceive (6:30)
  5. Hate Like You (4:15)
  6. Shelter From Pain (3:39)
  7. Alone Again (3:54)
  8. Higher Scope (5:14)
  9. The Good Will Rise (3:41)
  10. The Holy Book (4:17)
  11. Where Eagles Dare To Fly (5:18)