November 6, 2022

Rokets, formed in 2017, is a rocking and rolling band from Helsinki, Finland. They have earned a reputation of a ferocious and electric live act through their constant gigging around Finland and the Baltic states. The band’s first EP Speed & Sound has been sold out for quite some time and their debut album Fast Times gained a lot of attention and positive feedback around Europe and America. With their new second album Break Free, Rokets are ready to make their presence more widely known with their high energy rock. As well as their live shows setting fire to one venue after another, the five members of Rokets have distilled their experiences from being in bands such as Black Lizard, Tryer, Velvets, Green King, United Seafood, Rusty Triggers and Slippers to really leave their mark on the Finnish underground music scene.

Sami Mustonen – lead vocals
Sakke Vänttinen – electric guitar, backing vocals
Elias Laurila – electric guitar, backing vocals
Lauri Lyytinen – bass guitar
Otto Bigler – drums

For the launch of Break Free, Rokets have for the first time teamed up with The Sign Records who will release the album on vinyl, CD, and all streaming platforms on the 9th of December. It follows on from Fast Times with another nine new cuts of high octane rock. Break Free is packed with super-catchy garage rock featuring piercing melodies, blazing electric guitars, and tight, pounding rhythms – topped with lead singer Sami’s characteristic, vibrant vocals.

First track Burn Down The Wall opens with a couple of really meaty chords before a more Status Quo – like rhythm asserts itself. And actually, that sense of a youthful, still emerging Quo isn’t a bad simile for Rokets more generally! Destroyer is next, a short but sweet, pacey, power-pop number before we’re treated to the album’s title track. More power-pop with some lovely guitar work cutting in, it’s classy, bouncy stuff, guaranteed to get you up and boogying!

As with several other members of the Scandi-garage fraternity, there isn’t a huge amount of light-and-shade across this songset, but that’s not the point – garage rock being what it is, tracks often bleed into another and as along as the energetic fun-count is maintained, they’re doing it right! Best Kept Secret is a case in point, totally derivative but who cares when you’re having fun – and live, these guys are amazing!

The recording of the album actually started in the summer of 2021 but stuff got in the way, such that it wasn’t until April 2022 that it was mixed and mastered.

All in all, yet another quality entry to the Scandi-rock Hall of Garage Fame!