May 3, 2021

This is the debut album by the four piece rock band Ronin from the rather quaintly titled Ronkonkama, NY in the good old United States but it is far cooler to say Long Island! The band only formed in 2018 with the musicians having been previous school friends some 10 years earlier. It seems none were particularly musical at school but they have more than made up for it as shown on this very fine back to basics rock album. Indeed, Chris Feldmann on guitar and vocals, Jack Mauro on lead guitar, Andrew Vitale on bass and Justin Maas on drums have produced an old school rock album straight out of the ’70s without effects or any paraphernalia to spoil the signal between instrument and amplifier. This is rock that has been perfected in garages and back street rehearsal rooms around the world since rock music was invented and it sounds so much the better for it.

There is a definite Metallica vibe about the band in both vocals and guitar delivery and if Ronin has perfected the Metallica sound so early then they should go on to an interesting and successful career. There is also a flavour of the Timothy Pure vocalist Matthew Still about the delivery of Chris Feldmann and I would not be surprised if they had not heard the sublime Blood Of The Berry at some stage in their past. The twin guitar sound is integral to the band with lots of driving riffs over which Jack Mauro lays down some very beefy and destructive solos that thrill to the core and the band shows that it doesn’t have to be overly complicated or contain odd time signatures to thrill, it can be done so easily with guitar, bass, drums and voice! This is metal in the raw being hard hitting and unpolished but that doesn’t mean that it is unsophisticated or crude. On the contrary, it is high energy rock based on some great tunes and designed to be played at maximum volume. The songs are perfect examples of how metal should be delivered with thrilling vocals, superb harmonies and stunning guitar work.

This is one heck of a debut and I’m sure that these boys have much more in their collective lockers to thrill and entice for years to come. Rock and roll was meant to be straight forward and uncomplicated and Ronin do it to perfection.

Ronin is available on al lstreaming services and the band’s Bandcamp page.

Ronin track list

  1. One In The Same (7:14)
  2. Greetings (5:21)
  3. Spider And Fly (5:11)
  4. Down (5:14)
  5. Coming Through (5:01)
  6. Temptress (3:42)
  7. The Legend Of Donny Brass (5:04)
  8. Into The Narrow (6:03)