October 28, 2021

Ronnie Atkins is the lead vocalist with the hard rock band Pretty Maids which has to be one of the greatest exports ever from the wonderful country that is Denmark. If you do not know the band then investigate them immediately as they are a truly premier class metal band that always, and I mean always, delivers the rock goods in a way that very few others can. Atkins is an amazing singer and he always blows you away with his power yet he has so much control and sweetness that his perfectly delivered ballads are just as essential as the real screaming thunderous metal tracks.

Atkins is now following up his very recently released solo album, One Shot, with this most excellent EP which features a brand new studio track in Carry Me Over plus four songs from One Shot but these are all different versions with three acoustic tracks and an orchestral version. Carry Me Over is a superb and emotionally intense ballad on which Atkins showcases the sweet clarity of his voice and it truly affects you as he recorded it after he was advised that his cancer had returned and you can truly taste the melancholy in the song. In many ways, it is so life affirming that the man can produce something so beautiful after receiving devastating news and we all should pray for his health.

The three acoustic tracks are sublimely beautiful and the orchestral version of One Shot shows the track in a completely new light without being too lush or overly complicated. The five tracks are all perfectly served up for us by many of the musicians who brought us One Shot with Atkins being perfectly supported by Chris Laney (acoustic guitars, bass), Anders Ringman (acoustic and lead guitar, bass, piano, keyboards), Allan Sørensen (drums) and Linnea Vikström Egg (backing vocals). The EP works perfectly as a stand-alone release but is probably best seen as a companion work to One Shot and is 21 minutes of sublime music from a truly outstanding vocalist.

4 More Shots (Acoustics)

  1. Carry Me Over (3:42)
  2. When Dreams Are Not Enough (acoustic version) (4:00)
  3. Picture Yourself (acoustic version) (3:42)
  4. Real (acoustic version) (4:14)
  5. One Shot (Orchestra Version – Bonus Track) (5:26)