September 17, 2023

The Ronnie Romero story has been well documented and all are aware of his ‘rags to riches’ story in a musical journey that has included Lords Of Black, The Ferrymen, Sunstorm and Rainbow plus many others and when Ritchie Blackmore requests an audience then you simply cannot refuse. The dynamic Chilean has been a revelation with his powerful, Dio-esque voice and he has always brought style and charisma aplenty to any project he has been involved in and if you have missed out on Lords Of Black then you need to check out their recordings as they are literally off the heavy metal scale! I guess Romero’s telephone must never stop ringing as he is a singer in great demand yet he has found time to release several solo albums too with Too Many Lies, Too Many Masters being album number three but it is his first to feature new and original material as the first two records, Raised On Radio and Raised on Heavy Radio, saw him covering any number of heavy metal standards and classics which he did with great aplomb.

Now we all know that Romero has a delivery very much in Ronnie James Dio territory so it follows that virtually every album he sings on has that Dio, early Rainbow, Dio-led Sabbath flavour which some may see as derivative but, for the vast majority, it makes for heavy metal/hard rock heaven and I’m absolutely certain that Mr Dio is looking down and throwing ‘devil horns’ in approval! This new record features an amazing set of hard rock songs with obvious references to Rainbow and Sabbath and there is also a bit of a feel of Coverdale-led Purple about the release too making this a 100% metal delight that needs to be cranked up to the maximum with the air guitar being an optional accessory but I suspect that the majority will strap on their axe of choice.

Romero has been joined by musicians he has previously worked with in José Rubio on guitar, Javier Garcia on bass, Andy C on drums and Francisco Gil on keyboards with the songs being written by Romero, Rubio and Andy C and this stability helps to give a real band legitimacy to the album rather than it being a Romeo with hired guns release! Romero has also co-produced so he is spreading his wings and taking control of his music and showing that he is a major talent with a voice and skillset that marks him out as a remarkable talent.

The album is most definitely a spin-off of Lords Of Black being a storming, boiling and thunderous hard rock release on which Romero again shows his prowess and amazingly powerful pipes but real praise has to ago, again, to the mercurial chops of guitarist José Rubio who continually thrills with a masterclass in monstrous riffs and searing guitar breaks very much in Tony Iommi and Tony Hernando style which shows that Romero knows what he likes and likes what he knows!

If you love your metal with a Dio flavour then you have to listen to this new release by his ready made successor and do not be too surprised if future generations say, with a hint of reverence, that a new album from an unknown band has a great singer who sounds like Ronnie Romero!

Too Many Lies, Too Many Masters

  1. Castaway on the Moon (3:37)
  2. Mountain of Light (3:44)
  3. I’ve Been Losing You (4:54)
  4. Too Many Lies, Too Many Masters (4:55)
  5. Girl, Don’t Listen to the Radio (4:43)
  6. Crossroad (4:43)
  7. Not Just a Nightmare (4:30)
  8. A Distant Shore (3:35)
  9. Chased By Shadows (5:38)
  10. Vengeance (3:54)