December 24, 2023

Rozario is a new Norwegian power metal band put together by singer David Rosaro who had written several songs and needed a band to bring the material to life. He initially recorded several demos with guitarist Stein Hjertholm and drummer Per-Helge Bruvoll but then Covid came along which allowed the three musicians the critical time to develop their sound and fine-tune the material and when the world started to get back to normal they began recording the material under the direction of Trond Holter of Wig Wam, Holter and Jorn acclaim.

The band was then expanded to bring in the mercurial lead guitarist Johan Jamtfall and bass player Anders Halsan Engum which gave David Rosario everything that he needed to unleash this exciting, upbeat and catchy power metal debut work.

Rosario has a powerful voice straight out of the David Coverdale school of rock and the combination of Jamtfall and Hjertholm is truly incendiary with Jamtfall unleashing some truly exciting, Judas Priest inspired solos.

To The Gods We Swear is typical European power metal very much in Hammerfall, Edguy, Helloween territory with elements of Freedom Call thrown in for good measure so if you want hard rock built on the greats of the ’80s with plenty of melody, storming vocals and searing lead guitar then this is going to be for you.

For sure, there is nothing really new here but if you want some uplifting power metal then Rozario deliver and then some!

To The Gods We Swear

  • Rosario Anthem (1:20)
  • To The Gods We Swear (4:14)
  • Heavy Metal Rider (3:50)
  • Nightmare In Flames (4:08)
  • Born Again (4:52)
  • Silent Lies (4:18)
  • Headed For Hell (3:46)
  • United We Stand (4:32)
  • Cage (5:04)
  • Raged (4:04)
  • Heaven’s Falling Down (4:14)
  • Burning Up (4:18)