November 14, 2023

Well, hell has frozen over and Sadus are back in action with a new album! I have honestly lost hope these death-thrash vets will release something new, but, The Shadow Inside, their first new material in 17 years, will be hitting shelves next Friday. Formed back in 1985 in Antioch, California, Sadus is a household name in the early American death-thrash scene, releasing their first 7-song demo in 1986!

It has to be mentioned that this is the first time Jon Allen (drums) and Darren Travis (vocals, guitars) have recorded without long-time bassist Steve DiGiorgio, but I have to admit the album sounds impressive even without his legendary bass parts. Travis has been teasing the fans with new material coming up for at least the last five years, so the curiosity and anticipation are high. First Blood sets everything in place, however, and transcends us back to 1990 with the band’s signature scalpel-sharp riffs and the inimitable tortured vocals of Travis, which could be an acquired taste for some, but have always been among Sadus’ trademarks.

The album leans towards the mid-tempo tracks being a majority, which is a bit of a shame, because I have always loved Sadus in their warp-speed mode. The mentioned First Blood, It’s The Sickness, No Peace and Anarchy provide the needed dose of said velocity, while The Devil In Me, Scorched And Burnt and the title track rely on groove, progressive and unexpected twists and turns and Allan’s solid performance. Pain and Ride The Knife are the best of this mid-tempo bunch (there’s a great solo in the latter), managing to accentuate on more memorable verses and dialing down a bit on the sometimes over-the-top vocals.  If there is one complaint I have to point out, it would be the minimal use of guitar solos, which (if more) could give the songs more individuality and “breathing space”.

Sadus are back, my friends, and this is good news for all fans of extreme music. The Shadow Inside is an album which can proudly bear that legendary logo and continue the band’s legacy. Now, let’s cross our fingers for a European tour next year.


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The Shadow Inside is out on November 17th via Nuclear Blast and can be ordered from HERE