December 23, 2019

Run to Me is the follow-up album to Send the Nightingale, the debut album from Samantha Martin and Delta Sugar, who are an eleven piece Blues / Soul band from Canada. For a woman marketed as a blues vocalist, and who’s been nominated for awards in various blues categories, she has a voice ideally suited for the kind of sub-Motown / Philly soul her songs lean towards, with its Gospel infused harmonies, and the band fuse the two together beautifully. All the songs on Run to Me are Samantha Martin originals, though she was assisted by guitarist Curtis Chaffey on five of the tracks, and on the last track, this is credited to six of the band.

Many of the songs on this album are emotionally wrought tunes about either wanting love or losing love, and the best tunes are the slower ones where she can really let rip. Tracks like Will we ever Learn, Wanna be your lover and Only so Much allow her, just like Beth Hart, to wring every drop of emotion from the song and you can feel the intensity of her voice, one which is far away from many of the airbrushed female singers currently on the scene.  All through the album the ever-so soulful horn section backing is delightfully understated, complementing the song rather than dominating it.

If your musical sympathies lean towards the sound of Stax records and Philly Soul, there’s much here on this album you’ll enjoy.