February 24, 2022

Brooklyn’s Sanhedrin (the meaning of which you can read about here) are one of the best old school sounding heavy metal bands since their inception in 2015. Their first two full lengths A Funeral For The World (independently released in 2017) and The Poisoner (2019, Cruz Del Sur Music) gradually raised the band’s popularity and even earned them a deal with the legendary Metal Blade Records. The power trio, consisting of front woman and bassist Erica Stoltz, guitarist Jeremy Sosville (also in Black Anvil) and drummer Nathan Honor, will release their new album Lights On next week and if you are a fan of classic metal, there’s plenty to enjoy in these eight tracks.

Opener and first single Correction storms the speakers with total dedication, authentic sound and powerful rhythm section – all of these being Sanhedrin trademarks since album number one. The title track wins with a dense atmosphere and beautiful guitars, while second official single Lost At Sea, besides starting with some total The Cult worship in the opening chords, displays fantastic vocals and even better choruses. Erica Stoltz explains, “Lost At Sea is about how we are drowning in excess here in the developed world. We are moving ever further away from a seven-generations perspective of our own existence, the effect it has on the future and how it is tied to the past.” Next songs are equally good, with more emphasis put on mid-tempo, powerful, heavy tone and rhythm, like an amalgam of Sabbath, Priest and Lizzy. Hero’s End is much more on the doom side, and even darker, switching at 3:47 to “a wicked, twisted sound” (to cite the very lyrics), with a crushing transition and brutal vocals.

The closing epic Death Is A Door could easily be the album’s strongest song, if it already didn’t contain so much quality. A slow, atmospheric build-up leads us to a very strong, energetic rhythm and melody, with another killer chorus, which will be stuck in your head for days (as is the case with the chorus in Change Takes Forever earlier in the album).

Rounding up this musical work of art with an equally bewitching and beautiful artwork, Lights On is another album coming early in 2022, that deserves to stay in your players (or on your turntables if you prefer) for a very long time. I am glad that thanks to Metal Blade, the band will undoubtedly be granted much more exposure in the future and hope that we will be able to see them live soon.


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Lights On can be pre-ordered from HERE