October 13, 2019

Masters Of Ceremony is the new project of German producer, guitarist, and songwriter Sascha Paeth and Signs Of Wings is their loud, heavy and compelling debut album. You may know Paeth for his work with Heaven’s Gate but it is probably as a producer that most will be aware of him as he is a colossus in the world of power metal and he has been involved with some of the biggest bands and albums in the power/symphonic firmament.

Paeth has put together a very strong band indeed with the Avantasia duo of André Neygen on bass and Felix Bohnke on drums along with the much sought after Corvin Bahn on keyboards. However, the most striking component of the team is the American female vocalist Adrienne Cowan (Seven Spires) as she is totally amazing with her delivery somewhere between Geddy Lee, Brian Johnson and Suzi Quatro and she has as powerful a set of lungs as you are ever as likely to hear! What immediately strikes you is that this album covers a very broad range and switches seamlessly from aggressive metal to symphonic rock and even touches of ’70s glam for good measure. Paeth is one of those ever-present but much under-praised guitarists but he can riff and solo with the best of them and he really does put the power into the band. Over his machine gun delivery Cowan cranks everything up to 11 and is so over the top but this approach blends just so smoothly with the powerhouse bass and drums which leaves Paeth and Bahn jockeying for bragging rights in terms of solos.

Individually, the musicians are exemplary but together they have produced a heavy metal album that quite literally takes your breath away.