March 17, 2024

Savage Oath made impression really early into their career with their fantastic two-song demo, which came out last year. Their brand of epic US power metal was not a surprising choice of style having in mind the musicians involved: Brendan Radigan, vocals (Sumerlands), Phil Ross, bass (Ironsword), Leeland Campana, guitars (Visigoth), and Austin Wheeler, drums. As you see, these guys are playing in some of the hottest representatives of the NWOTHM wave and still they have found the passion and inspiration to form another project.

Their full length Divine Battle has just been released this week and easily lives up to all the expectation generated from the demo. Knight Of The Night opens the album with a ferocious tempo and aggressive riffage, before culminating in an avalanche of guitar solos. Wings Of Vengeance grabbed me immediately with a galloping tempo and a powerful chorus, with the vocals bringing prime Eric Adams to mind. There’s a touch of Omen and Jag Panzer here and there as well, but everything is done with finesse and originality. Blood For The King is probably the most epic song in the album, which once again strikes a chord with early-Manowar worship, before an amazing, very unexpected but efficient final part, with tremolo guitar picking, double-bass drumming and speed bordering on black metal. An absolute winner! Starting the album so strong with this three-song kick in the teeth fortunately didn’t mean a drop in quality. Not at all. Madness Of The Crowd has one of the catchiest choruses, reminding me of the latest Sumerlands album with its melodic, lengthy guitar parts, showcasing the compositional genius of Campana. Simply put, this debut album by Savage Oath, for me at least, is so much better than everything by Visigoth. These songs just push all the right buttons for me and sound so inspired and convincing.

The song Savage Oath is another epic, never abandoning the melody and the finesse in execution, dialing back the tempo a bit, with beautiful vocals and layered choruses. The title track closes the album in a balladic, somber mood, acoustic parts and a lot of atmosphere, cleverly chosen as an epilogue of this amazing album. If you are a fan of epic heavy metal or any of the bands mentioned above, look no further and show these guys some support. When there are at least twenty new metal albums coming out every week, it becomes so much harder to find the jewels in the sand, but trust me – Divine Battle is one of them.


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Divine Battle is out now and you can order it from HERE