March 16, 2021

Brighton based psych-rock band School Disco finally get to release their new single Echoes on 26th March, alongside a video and announcement of their second album The Head’s Still There, due out in August.

It follows on from the three-piece’s self-titled debut album released in September 2019 which was highly regarded by fans new and old, whilst expanding the band’s sonic palette. Echoes reflects on how sounds heard at night can seem louder and larger than they are. Featuring a dual lead from School Disco singer Rory, accompanied by band friend Elliot Sandford of Bebe Music.

The track takes influence from Black Sabbath, Hawkwind, and Tame Impala through a psychedelic lens. The track bends a catchy riff, in the bands signature fuzzed out style, with a softer chorus for a dream-like dynamic, before exploding into a wild finale. The track explores the band’s heavier and more delicate side in one song and is the first track off their sophomore album, planned to be out on 6 August.


“You’ll be bombarded with dirty guitar riffs, heavy drum noises and slimy vocals, and they’ll slide right into your ear and stay in your brain for years to come!” – Independent Music News

“Welcome to the cult of School Disco. When you wake up the next day in a bath of ice, you know where your organs are, they’re on the next School Disco banger” – Red Van Records

“We cannot wait to hear more from one of Brighton’s finest bands” -– CLUNK Magazine

“School Disco’s self-titled debut album makes for essential listening for fans of powerful fuzz and surf-rock inspired finesse” – Smile End


The new music video creates a psychedelic visualiser using a digital visual synthesiser in order to create a cosmic display of the band’s imagined world.

New album The Head’s Still There was influenced by garage rock, electronica, Krautrock, Stoner rock, psych, pop, and much more! Its diverse breadth of sound will command your attention all the way thorough to the very end, with twists and turns aplenty along the way. The new record will be a daring collection of tracks that will excite and unite listeners. Get your dancing shoes ready because it’s guaranteed School Disco will send you out of this world!

Speaking about Echoes, School Disco frontman and producer Rory Lethbridge has this to say: “Echoes is a really unique song for us and was the start of the new crop of songs for our secong album. I really wanted to try writing in different styles, so I wrote the lyrics as a poem first. Then I wrote the music around the lyrics.”

“This is completely the opposite way to which the entire first album was written. I always want the band to be making steps forward sonically and creatively and lockdown gave me some time to reflect on this and try out some new styles and techniques for writing.”

The official video will be available to view on 26 March, in the meantime here’s an older flavour!