November 29, 2023

Scottish alt/post/progressive-rock outfit Midas Fall will release their fifth studio album, ‘Cold Waves Divide Us’ on March 8th, 2024 worldwide on Monotreme Records.

Michael Hamilton joins founding members Elizabeth Heaton and Rowan Burn for the follow-up to their 2018 Prog Magazine Awards ‘Limelight Award’ winning album, ‘Evaporate’.

‘Cold Waves Divide Us’ sees Midas Fall at their most confidently visceral, each song moving beautifully between quiet and loud, gentle and crushing. “This album is a heavier and bigger experience than the last album”, says Heaton. “We kept the atmospheric strings and 80s synths of Evaporate but wanted to add heavier layered elements, to represent more what we sound like live.”

Today they also share the eponymous single from the album, with a dark sci-fi video from Sharon Ritossa and Gabriele Ottino of Riot Studio. The music builds slowly as Elizabeth Heaton’s voice floats gracefully above the growing force beneath it, against a racing visual landscape of “nature, but not-quite-as-we-know-it”.

According to Ottino, “We aimed to imbue this music video with the ambiance of a dystopian jungle. Nature is genetically altered by the virus of a hypercapitalist and hyperproductive civilization, where technology begins to gain consciousness. Instead of annihilating humans and plants, it opts to adapt and modify itself to exist within the bodies and limbs of those who have survived Earth’s catastrophes. No one perishes, no one lives as they did before; everything undergoes transformation.

The technique used is a mixed technique, combining footage, 3D, pure generative, and they were edited to create a narrative foundation. The next step involved passing various sections of the video through the AI Stable Diffusion tool to create surreal and unique environments, suggestions, forms, and textures.”

Watch the video below now

The album will be released digitally, as well as on CD and a limited pressing of 500 LPs on 180 g vinyl (150 black, 350 clear with orange and black splatter). The first 50 physical pre-orders from the Monotreme Records web shop will also receive a limited edition printed A5 booklet with images of handwritten lyrics drafts and drawings from Elizabeth Heaton. 
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1. In the Morning We’ll Be Someone Else  

2. I Am Wrong  

3. Salt  

4. In This Avalanche  

5. Point of Diminishing Return  

6. Monsters  

7. Atrophy  

8. Cold Waves Divide Us  

9. Little Wooden Boxes  

10. Mute


Midas Fall tour dates confirmed so far:

3.12.23   Glasgow UK – The Prog Before Christmas

16.04.24  Munich DE – Sunny Red Club

17.04.24  Dresden DE – Polimagie Festival

18.04.24  Karlsruhe DE – Kohi

19.04.24  Neunkirchen DE – Stummsche Reithalle

20.04.24  Osnabrück DE – Pop Salon Festival

26.05.24 London UK – Portals Festival, EartH


Elizabeth Heaton – vocals, guitars, strings, synths, piano, drums

Rowan Burn – guitars, synths, piano, drums

Michael Hamilton – bass, synths, drums

Music by Elizabeth Heaton and Rowan Burn

Lyrics by Elizabeth Heaton

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Elizabeth Heaton  

Artwork by Steven Pellatt – EvercloudDesign