August 3, 2023

Any new album from the heavy rock band Scream Maker means that you are in for a shock and awe metal experience and their latest and fourth album continues their traditional old-school metal approach which is a full-on rock onslaught with no studio trickery to get between the instruments and your ears!

The band was formed in Warsaw, Poland in 2010 and has always been very inspired by the classic groups from the halcyon years so they have adopted a sound that is a composite of Judas Priest, Saxon, Iron Maiden and Accept meaning that they are a band that would have been popular in any of the last five or six decades! There have been many changes over the years with the only original member now being guitarist Michał Wrona although several of the band have been part of the team for many years with Sebastian Stodolak on vocals, Jan Radosz on bass, Tomasz Sobieszek on drums with the relatively new guitarist Bartosz Ziółkowski now making his first appearance on record for Scream Maker and he has made a huge impact in the thrilling twin-pronged guitar attack alongside Wrona. It is this dual guitar formation that drives much of the Scream Maker sound and goes a great deal towards giving them a real feel of Priest and Accept with the storming/soaring Bruce Dickinsonesque vocals of Sebastian Stodolak also being a signature mark of the band.

The songs are all short, sharp and incendiary hard rock epics very much in Scorpions territory with prowling, strutting vocals accompanied by towering bass and drums and exceptional guitar with cataclysmic riffs and spellbinding solos. Do not expect intricate noodling or expansive and complicated time changes or the like, just in your face metal that satisfies on a basic, primal level and is guaranteed to meet all your metal requirements.

Oh, and please remember to play it very, very loudly!

Land Of Fire

  1. Perpetual Burning (5:00)
  2. Can’t Stop The Rain (3:56)
  3. Everybody Needs Illusions (4:01)
  4. Zombies (4:37)
  5. A Nail In The Head (4:36)
  6. The Rider (4:22)
  7. Dark Side Of Mine (4:10)
  8. Way To The Moon (4:24)
  9. Land Of Fire (3:27)
  10. See The Light (4:41)
  11. Below (4:28)