May 31, 2022

Italian rock band Screamachine released a hell of a metal monster with the self-titled debut album in 2021 which announced them as a band to take note especially so with the all action sound derived from bands like Judas Priest, Accept, Bonfire and Brainstorm and Iron Maiden too which is enough to peak anyone’s interest. If you haven’t heard it yet then a check out is highly recommended.

For sure, Screamachine do not bring anything new to the metal world (how can you if there is nothing new to bring?) but what they do offer up is supplied with skill and savagery served in equal measures. The band is currently working on songs for the upcoming second album with this download EP being something of an intermediate appetiser as we wait patiently for the promised main course!

Borderline rather short with just the four tracks but all pack a punch with Borderline being a new track that is a 100mph metal storm and typical Screamachine metal mayhem which the band then follows with an acoustic version of The Metal Monster from the debut which features Guaitoli (Visions Of Atlantis, Temperance) on guest vocals and shows the band in mores stripped back and gentle form. Mistress Of Disaster was also on the debut and gets a bit of a reworking but remains a metal standard and is served up as an introduction to the new guitarist Edoardo Taddei. The last track is a Judas Priest (who else?) cover with the band putting heart and soul into a live version of the classic Leather Rebel from Painkiller.

Short and very metal, Borderline very much shows a band with a plan and a great promise of much more to come.

Borderline EP

  1. Borderline (3:45)
  2. The Metal Monster (Acoustic Version feat. Michele Guaitoli) (4:02)
  3. Mistress of Disaster ’22 (3:55)
  4. Leather Rebel (Pandemic Live Studio Session 202) (3:35)