July 9, 2023

ScreaMachine is an uncomplicated, hard, heavy and proud metal band from Italy with Church Of The Scream being the band’s composed and confident second album to date. They made a most definite statement of intent with the self-titled debut which burst on to the heavy metal scene in 2021 with a crunching, churning metal delight straight out of the Accept/Judas Priest old school of rock. The sound was built around duelling twin guitars with huge, searing breaks and a towering Udo-esque vocal performance from Valerio Caricchio who leaves you in no doubt that he is in command.

Church Of The Scream continues where the debut left off and you have more storming metal to bang your head off to and if you are into the likes of Accept, Bonfire and Brainstorm then ScreaMachine is most definitely a band you need to investigate. There has been a small change since the debut with Edoardo Taddei coming in on lead guitar although he did make his debut actual debut on the Borderline EP from last year. He has rapidly developed a telepathic relationship with fellow guitarist Paolo Campitelli as they combine in the very best traditions of solo swapping twin axemen in the best Downing/Tipton traditions. Francesco Bucci on bass and Alfonso Corace on drums are the engine of the beast and they contribute a ceaseless barrage that simply batters you into submission and allows the guitarists to power riff and solo virtually to the edge of oblivion.

The debut featured a number of quality guests and for the new record they have persuaded the Elvenking vocalist David Moras to join them on the monster closing track The Epic Of Defeat which is a pure delight. In best traditions, they have endorsed the last page on the CD booklet with the legend ‘This Record Must Be Played Loud’ and I couldn’t agree more!

Church Of The Scream continues the fine, anthemic metal that is rapidly becoming a trademark of the band and to hear the album is to want it.

Church Of Scream

  1. The Crimson Legacy
  2. Church Of The Scream
  3. Night Asylum
  4. Revenge Walker
  5. Met(H)Aldone
  6. Flag Of Damnation
  7. Occam’s Failure
  8. Pest Case Scenario
  9. Deflagrator
  10. The Epic Of Defeat