April 25, 2021

Sometimes, you need some pretty straight forward heavy metal just to blow away the cobwebs; something not pretentious or arty or clever for the sake of being clever but just loud, hard and direct from a band with a singer with a voice like a machine gun, cataclysmic drums and bass and two guitarists trading off each other as if their very lives depend on it. Step forward Screamachine, a band with a name that describes their sound to perfection and true heavy metal that has been forged in the very depths of hell.

This is actually the debut album by this awesome Italian metal band featuring veterans of the hard rock scene and they have achieved heavy metal Nirvana with this monumental rocker. They have talent aplenty and have been playing since the ’90s in various bands including Stormlord, Kaledon and Lunarsea so they are well versed in the dark arts of hard rock and all things metal. ScreaMachine has obviously been influenced by Europe’s finest metal bands so you get a perfectly put together combination of Judas Priest, Accept, Bonfire and Brainstorm with a touch of the progressive nature of Iron Maiden thrown in for good measure.

The band is led by vocalist Valerio ‘The Brave’ Caricchio, a singer out of the Udo Dirkschneider school with Francesco Bucci on bass, Alfonso ‘Fo’ Corace on drums and the obligatory heavy metal guitar twins Alex Mele and Paolo Campitelli creating hard rock mayhem with their incredible riffs and lead breaks. They have also called in several guests with Paolo Compitelli on keyboards with Steve Di Giorgio (Testament, Death, Iced Earth) playing bass and vocalist Herbie Langhans (Firewind, Avantasia) both on Wisdom Of The Ages. They then even find time for a further four top Italian guitarists in Simone Mularoni (DGM), Massimiliano Pagliuso (Novembre, Oceana), Andrea Angelini (Stormlord) and Francesco Mattei (Noveria) all supplying guitar solos on The Human God, Darksteel, Dancing With Shadows and Demondome respectively.

The ten tracks on the album are all aggressive, incessant and truly heavy which is what you want from your metal. ScreaMachine have it all; an all out assault on your senses, wave after wave of guitar, a down and dirty vocalists and a set of songs to die for. This is an album that you either have to beg, steal or borrow (but preferably buy) as I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

ScreaMachine track list

  1. Demondome
  2. The Metal Monster
  3. The Human God
  4. Darksteel
  5. Mistress Of Disaster
  6. 52Hz
  7. Wisdom Of The Ages
  8. Silver Fever
  9. Dancing With Shadows
  10. Scream Machine