September 10, 2019

A second review this week of a Swedish old-school metal band – that speaks a lot, doesn’t it (including of the reviewer’s obsession with the genre)? This time it is Screamer we are talking about, who will be releasing their fourth full-length album on October 11th. Highway Of Heroes comes with a really vintage-looking cover artwork and full of heavy metal anthems, flirting in equal parts with the legacy of Thin Lizzy, classic Maiden and Priest.

Again, this will not be your album if you seek something daring, original or unique. This is not what Screamer are aiming at. Highway Of Heroes is just a 35-minute celebration of pure heavy metal, melodic soloing and galloping tempo. The lead riff to Sacrifice is just so unashamedly screaming (pun intended) of classic W.A.S.P., that Blackie would kill to have it as the opener of their next album. Shadow Hunter on the other side, can easily fit just after 2 Minutes To Midnight in Powerslave’s tracklist. However, all of these hints of a trademark Smith or Tipton riff here and there is done smoothly and everything comes into place as a homogeneous, authentic piece of work, with the Screamer signature all over.

It probably has to be mentioned that only two of the members involved in the creation of debut album Adrenaline Distractions are still present here in 2019, but this hasn’t harmed the vision of Screamer, which is to teleport us through space and time back to 1983. This is an ethos of utter dedication to what you love and what you believe in. Highway Of Heroes will not sell hundreds of thousands of copies (although I wish it could), but, again, this is not the point of its and the band’s existence, in the first place. It is great that labels still care about quality music, so that it has the chance to rich a wider audience.

I am sure that you also do.