December 2, 2020

Death metal is not a genre that is normally associated with the Frontiers label but it looks like they are in the process of expanding the amount of metal on their roster and the extremes of death metal is a vast market for them to take an interest in. Sculptor is a relatively new melodic death metal band having formed in Curitiba in Brazil in 2015 with Untold Secrets being the band’s debut album.

Sculptor comprises Rick Eraser on vocals, Vinne on vocals/guitar, Fabricio Reis on guitar, Caco Ramos on bass and Mateus Schran on drums and they have most definitely been influenced by the Gothenburg melodic death metal scene and bands such as Soilwork, In Flames and At The Gates. The album itself was recorded in Curitiba and was produced by band members Vinne and Rick Eraser with mixing being done, rather appropriately in Sweden by the renowned Linus Corneliusson.

I always find the concept of melodic death metal to be a strange one as you have the dichotomy of the melodic instruments set against the brutal vocals and it can be a thing of beauty of a conflicted mess depending on your personal outlook. The music that the band plays is magnificent and is a variation on the complexities of progressive metal and shows that these guys are excellent songwriters and brilliant musicians. Then the rawness of the growled vocals kick in which takes the music in another direction completely but the vocals are not too brutal, just deep and guttural rather than the ferocious growls that I personally just do not like. Indeed, just to show the versatility that is within this band the vocals on Embrace Yourself are of the clean variety and they suddenly sound like a different band and this gives them options should they wish to expand the sound further. The music is riff heavy as you would expect but the guitarists also introduce a subtlety that is almost revelatory and very moving.

If you are a fan of melodic death metal then there is much here to enjoy and revel in and even if you have previously found the genre just a little too extreme then give Sculptor as listen with an open mind as they are a band than works on multiple level and have much to offer.

Untold Secrets track list

  1.  Interlude (1:46)
  2. No Control (4:05)
  3. Redemption (3:35)
  4. Beyond Madness (3:18)
  5. Born To Be Slave (3:22)
  6. Embrace Yourself (3:54)
  7. Empty Space (4:11)
  8. Requiem (3:56)
  9. Untouchable Truth (3:54)
  10. Wake Me Up When The Pain Goes Away (4:08)
  11. Watch Rope (4:16)