December 13, 2020

Well, time for something of a first for me as this is the first ever NWOBHM inspired concept album sung entirely in Swedish that I have ever come across! Second Sun is a Stockholm based rock band with Kampen Går Vidare (The Struggle Continues) being the band’s third album to date with their previous works being a fusion of conventional and progressive rock. This is very much continued on this third album which does indeed take much of its sound from the NWOBHM movement but again has elements of prog rock as well as a darker, more sombre Swedish roots flavoured tinge.

The story concerns the political convictions of a person as he goes through life and the changes in attitude that he undergoes, I suppose it is the tale of the everyman. I’ll not go any further into the concept as the lyrics are all in Swedish which means I would only be paraphrasing the band publicity machine and you can make up your own mind (assuming you speak Swedish).

The ambitious project is brought to us by the talented team of Jakob Ljungberg on vocals/guitar, David Grannas on guitar, Marcus Hedman on bass and Adam Lindmark on drums and you have to applaud their decision to produce the work in their native tongue rather than in English and albums do work in other languages than English, you know! I have a particular fondness for fellow Swedish band Kent and they have always been happy performing in Swedish and I have both English and Swedish versions of a number of their albums and there does seem to be something a little more special in the Swedish delivered versions.

The music is very guitar driven with Ljungberg and Grannas supplying lots of neat interplay and sweet guitars in unison that calls to mind the work of bands like Trespass and Angel Witch and there is a slight hint of early Maiden too but all is re-interpreted with a touch of Swedish melancholy. Ljungberg has a neat vocal delivery too which is totally sympathetic with the music and blends beautifully with the crystal clear guitars.

This is another short album at only 33 minutes but it is a really good rock album that, for sure, has that classic NWOBHM sound at its core but the Swedish delivery makes it something just s a little more exotic and well worth experimenting with.

Kampen Går Vidare track list

  1. Sång om våren (2:37)
  2. Du är allt du har (3:12)
  3. Slå tillbaks (3:41)
  4. Attack (2:56)
  5. Kampen går vidare (6:32)
  6. Hatar det ändå (2:42)
  7. Vem ska bry sig (3:14)
  8. Om alla bara var mer som jag (3:36)
  9. Gör alltid ditt bästa för de du älskar (3:28)