June 27, 2022

Secret Sphere is the latest band on the Frontiers label to release a live studio EP on streaming and download channels rather than the more traditional CD or vinyl route and, as with the other releases, the video footage is available to view on YouTube.

Most of you should already know this rather fine symphonic power metal outfit from Italy and they give a little extra twist to their already impressive sound by adding an element of pomp rock making them an essential band that you simply have to check out. They released the excellent Lifeblood early last year and we now have what could almost be considered as a companion release featuring several tracks from Lifeblood as well as a couple of ‘golden oldies’ that will surely delight fans of old.

There have been several changes in the band’s 25-year history with the new version seeing the return of the original vocalist Roberto Messina and what a statement he made on Lifeblood and you get to see him close up and personal on these excellent live recordings. This is a band with amazing quality and talent throughout with Aldo Lonobile being one of the finest guitarists around and Andrea Buratto on bass, the impressive Gabriele Ciaccia on keyboards and Marco Lazzarini on drums.

This 35-minute set sees the band literally on fire as they are note perfect throughout and rock magnificently. The interplay within the band is awesome and you will be blown away by the power and majesty they display with a guitar masterclass from Lonobile through as well as a sublime and gorgeous touch from the keys of Ciaccia. The set consists of seven tracks with four from Lifeblood and these are amazing with all of the added power that you get when recorded live and the temptation could have been to fill the performance with all new songs but the band is ever mindful that fans also like to hear some of the older material too. I’m sure they will be ecstatic with The Scars You Can’t See from Archetype, Rain from Scent Of Human Desire and Legends from A Time Never Come and all come from Messina’s time as the original singer. So, you have both old and new Secret Sphere on view here and it again emphasises just how good this band is with their stunning hybrid of progressive and power metal.

The performance is recoded in a smallish studio with the band making excellent use of the space and it is perfectly lit with lights that do not take away from the performance. There are lots of the usual close up shots showing all of the intricate work involved in producing such a spectacular performance and showing the band doing what it does best and that is rocking big style. If you are a fan already then you will love this and if new to the band then the first question is where have you been all of this time and then, secondly, have a great time discovering this truly indispensable band.

Liveblood (The Studio Session)

  1. Lifeblood (5:39)
  2. The Scars That You Can’t See (5:05)
  3. Alive (5:02)
  4. The End Of An Ego (3:49)
  5. Rain (5:06)
  6. Against All The Odds (4:12)
  7. Legend (6:15)